Top 6 suggestions on Renting a Car

There are many reasons why you will rent a car, from a road trip with friends to getting supplies easily from A to B or simply as a replacement for your usual car that may be out of action. Whatever the reason,

here are some tips to help you select the right rental and drive away with the best set of wheels for your needs.

1. Do your research online. 

Browse the Internet for the best car rental companies available near you. Go through the website carefully and check the vehicles available, the rates and the terms and conditions of the service. Also check the documents required by the company, such as identification, bond payments etc. This should be available on the website for you to review before you make an inquiry.

2. Decide on your preferred vehicle. 

After checking the website of your chosen car rental company, the next step is choosing the type and model of the car that you will hire. Be aware of the capacity of the vehicle to ensure there are enough seats for all your passengers. Also be aware of the fuel type and consumption as vehicles with higher fuel consumption may add substation extra cost to your long trip away in the way of fuel. If you need to carry things, look for a vehicle with lots of boot space.

3. Choose the most convenient pick-up and drop off time. 

One more important thing about renting a car is the proper arrangement of the vehicle’s pick up and drop off time. Some companies can deliver the vehicle to your house so check with them first. It’s always important to return the vehicle at the time specified in your contract. This will avoid additional fees being incurred.

4. Read the rental contract, thoroughly. 

It is important that you are aware of the terms and conditions as well as the inclusions and the corresponding cost of your availed car rental service. It is very common in the Dubai to pay with the card that will be used to pay for repairs if the vehicle is returned damage at the end of hire. Check the terms and conditions before signing and make sure you are clear about your obligations. This will make your transaction smooth and easy.

5. Check the fuel policy. 

Most of the time the vehicle is provided to you with a full tank of fuel and it is expected that you will return it with the same amount of fuel. When you pick up your rental take note of the nearest fuel station so you can fill up there upon your return.

6. Inspect the rented vehicle before driving away.

Although you can be assured that most car rental companies, make sure that you will be using a well-conditioned and well-maintained vehicle, it is still your duty to properly know what damage (if any) the vehicle has before you leave. You should always sign a document acknowledging any damages to ensure you are not faulted for these upon your return of the vehicle. It is your responsibility to return the vehicle in good condition as it was when you took it away.

If you prefer to not have to worry about contracts and damage, you can always avail the chauffeur drive service where all the driving and worrying is done for you! For more information about the self-drive and chauffeur drive options available to you on your next car rental!

How To Avoid Most Common Traffic Voilations

Driving comes with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of yourself, your passengers and others. Traffic rules are designed to keep everyone safe and should always be followed. Here are some tips on the common traffic rules here in the Philippines and how you can avoid traffic violations and keep the roads safe.

1. Over speeding

Always be mindful of the allowable minimum to maximum speed limits in the area where you will drive. In the Philippines, the general minimum speed limit is 60 km/h and the maximum is 100 km/h.  Over speeding can be accounted for as reckless driving which can attract a fine of Php 1,000 up to Php 5,000. Always control your speed and err on the side of caution. Drive slower if you are in doubt of what the speed limit is in the area.

2. Beating the Red Light

Put simply, red means stop! Traffic lights are designed to properly manage the flow of the vehicles on a certain road, especially at an intersection. Particularly in the Philippines, heavy traffic jams can cause havoc so following the traffic lights is crucial. Of course, traffic lights prevent collisions so avoid accidents and fines by following the traffic light signals.

3. Leaving your driver’s license behind

Your driver’s license is your permission to drive on the road. It must be taken seriously and always be in your possession when you are in the driver’s seat. In the event of any incident, your driver’s license acts as your identification and avoids issues that may come about if you didn’t have it with you. In addition, the authorities may request to view your driver’s license during any routine inspection or as a result of a traffic violation so keep things easy by ensuring you always carry your driver’s license with you.

4. Not strapping in

Seat belts are made to keep everyone safe and should be properly used by all occupants of the vehicle. It is the driver’s responsibility to check that all occupants are strapped in before taking off and at all times during the journey. In addition, the authorities will enforce the Republic Act 8750, also known as the “Seat Belt Law”, where a person who fails to secure seat belts on his/her car will have to pay a fine of Php 1,000. So fasten your seat belts and get ready for a safe road trip.

5. Driving under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Alcohol and drugs alter your state in a way that negatively affects driving. Remember it is your duty to keep yourself, your passengers and others safe at all times so don’t engage in any activities that may endanger others. The large fines and violations are there to discourage likely apprehenders, however, there should never be a question about driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The zero tolerance policy should always apply.

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Tips for Safe Driving –

Safety first! Regardless of whether it’s a long or a short drive, you SHOULD drive safely, most especially if you are with your family or friends. Needless to say, safety should always be a priority when you are hitting the road. Whether it’s a self-drive trip or you have a chauffeur to drive for you, it is your responsibility to be knowledgeable of the things that you should do while on a trip.

To help you out, here are some important safety tips that you should know the next time you drive.

Have enough sleep. 

Make sure that you have adequate sleep before driving. Restless drivers tend to become less focused on the road. Caffeinated drinks are not always advised because you are quite unsure of its effect, so 7-9 hours of sleep before hitting the road is still the best way to keep you alert while driving.

Prioritize the car condition. 

Properly check the tires, brakes, windows, wipers, car lights, and of course your gas gauge at least an hour before the time of your departure. This is to avoid accidents or car failures along the road. You also have to be aware of the gasoline stations along the way and always keep your mechanic’s hotline handy. This is also very applicable if you will rent a car. Do a safety and quality check first before driving the rented vehicle.

Obey traffic rules and warnings. 

One of the most common mistakes of drivers is not observing and following the traffic rules and road signs. Find time to search the internet for the different traffic signs and what they mean as well as the specific traffic regulations being implemented in the places you will go.

Don’t focus on your mobile phone. 

Dubai as it may sound, but for real, don’t text while driving. Some may argue that they use their mobile phone for applications like Waze or Google Maps, which is fine, but scrolling on Facebook, tweeting or posting on Instagram while driving as well as texting is not necessary. Focus on driving first, buddy.

Be aware of the golden rule. 

Do not drink and drive, please. As much as possible avoid drinking alcoholic beverages if you are about to drive. In case you cannot resist doing so, have someone else drive for you or just park your car somewhere and sleep there for at least 4-6 hours, to let the alcohol subside.

Turn the radio on. 

Since it not advisable for you to use your phone while driving, make your built-in AM/FM radio as your information savvy companion to keep you aware of the real time traffic situations. This will keep you informed on the road situations to avoid or the current implemented traffic rules in a specific location.

Stop on the right spot. 

In case you will need to pull-over, move your vehicle away from the road and as much as possible, manage to stop in the proper area. There are dedicated emergency areas where you can park your car if the need arises. Might as well call your mechanic immediately if there’s a machine failure or contact 911 for emergency purposes.

Needless to say but this is the most important one, buckle up for safety. 

Of course, you have to always remind all the people in your car to keep their seat belt buckled up. It is the most common driving safety tip because it is very important. Seat belts are made to at least lessen the risks of injury when an accident happens.

Moreover, it is also important for you to enhance your driving skills as you go on. Research for more things that you should do especially when you are about to take on a road trip. Car coding or is your car having a big problem? No need to worry, rent a car instead. You can even choose if you want to drive the rented vehicle yourself or have somebody to drive it for you. EAZY right?


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Steps to Choose Right Car to Rent

When renting a car one of your major considerations is the type vehicle that you will book. Whether it’s for running errands, a special occasion, a business trip, or an all-out Barka da joy ride, picking the right option for your car rental will ensure the ride is comfortable and enjoyable.

Here are some simple steps to help you choose the right vehicle for your next car rental:

Step #1:

Count a number of people that will go with you on your trip. There are vehicles that are good for a group of four or five, groups of seven and even larger groups of 15. Ensure there are enough seats for everyone and if possible try to book for more to give everyone extra room especially on longer journeys.

Step #2:

Plan the things that you will bring with you on your trip. Some vehicles have limited loading capacity and are only good for carrying a certain weight. Research car specifications on the internet to know more about the loading capacities of the car that you will book.

Step #3:

Research the vehicle’s fuel type and fuel economy particularly if you are planning a longer trip. Sometimes a more fuel efficient vehicle can make all the difference on longer trips using a lot of fuel.

Step #4:

Check for some additional features you might need. Things like air-conditioning, power windows, window tinting, central locking, Bluetooth, stereo speakers and GPS navigation might be extras so check with your car rental company first before booking your vehicle to ensure they are included.

Step #5:

Always walk around the vehicle and inspect it for damage. Take photos or notes, recording any damage. It’s ok to refuse a vehicle, if you don’t feel comfortable, and request another vehicle.

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Want to Rent a Car in Dubai? 8 Things to Know

Want to Rent a Car in Dubai? 8 Things to Know

If you’re looking for the ultimate freedom while in Dubai, renting a car may be a good option for you. In doing so, you can go anywhere on your own time — either all the way to the butterfly gardens or downtown to go shopping.

However, there are a few factors to consider before you rent a car in Dubai. By gathering the necessary information, you’ll be sure to rent the perfect car from a reputable company.

Here are eight things you need to know before selecting a vehicle to rent in Dubai:

1. There’s a Car for Every Budget

Your car rental in Dubai will most likely depend on your budget. No matter the amount of money you’ve allocated for a rental car, there will be one available for you.

Dubai is known to be a city of luxury, but that doesn’t mean you have to shell out large amounts of money for a rental car. Everything from luxury performance cars to everyday economy vehicles is offered by rental services. With some research, you’ll be able to find a car that best suits your needs — and your budget.

2. Have a Valid Driver’s License

While renting a car in Dubai, you need to be sure that you have a valid driver’s license. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need a UAE driver’s license, but it does mean that you must have a license from a country recognized.

Valid driver’s licenses include those from countries such as the U.S.A., Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong and more. If you don’t have a license from one of these countries, you may have to obtain an International Driver’s Permit (IDP), which costs additional money.

Be sure to know if your driver’s license is valid before you arrive in the UAE. It can take some time to apply for an IDP and there are specific document requirements to complete and application.

3. Be Informed of All Traffic Rules

The driving rules in Dubai are very strict. With the rapid expansion of the city, rules and regulations are constantly changing. Before you rent a car in Dubai, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules.

In Dubai, you must be 18 years or older and have a valid license from Dubai or an approved country to drive. Keep in mind, though, that some rental agencies require a minimum age of 25 years old in order to rent a car in Dubai. If you’re travelling with others, don’t forget that children under 13 years of age are not allowed to ride in the passenger seat under any circumstances.

Also, pay mind to the posted speed limits. If you are caught speeding by police, you will be issued a ticket — and a fine.

You can stay up to date with the most recent traffic rules and regulations by contacting the Dubai Police.

4. Read the Terms and Conditions

Before signing any contract, the terms and conditions should be carefully examined. The same applies to a rental car agreement.

Before choosing an agency to rent a car from in Dubai, be sure you know what each company’s rules are. In the contract, these rules will specifically be laid out. Terms and conditions included will be details such as late fees, cleaning fees, what to do in case of an accident, etc.

By staying informed on each policy’s rules and regulations, you can make an informed decision before you rent a car in Dubai.

5. Check Out the Car Before Signing the Rental Agreement

Before signing a rental agreement, consider checking out the offered vehicle yourself. By walking around in and making an inspection inside, you will be aware of any previous damage to the vehicle before driving it off the lot. It’s imperative to do this; you don’t want to get charged for any damages you weren’t responsible for.

Additionally, you may want to request a test drive before paying to rent a car in Dubai. If you will be looking for monthly rental cars in Dubai, a test drive will ensure that you’re comfortable driving the vehicle.

6. Ask About the Insurance

Should anything happen to you while driving a rental vehicle, the rental agency’s insurance should assist you. It is important to be informed of what insurance coverage the rental agency offers before you sign the rental papers.

It is often recommended that customers inquire about age limits, comprehensive coverage amounts, and excess amounts before making a decision on a rental. Keep in mind that anything not covered by insurance will come out of your pocket.

7. Know the Allowed Mileage

While renting a car is a convenient way to get around a city you don’t live in, there are limits.

Ask your customer service representative about the mileage limits on your rental car. A mileage limit is the total amount of miles the rental agreement covers; once you exceed those miles, you may be charged per mile.

Some agencies offer different tiers of allocated mileage. If you’ll be driving often, consider paying a bit extra for extra miles. No one wants to have to be billed by the mile after going over the limit!

8. Border Crossing

If you’re planning on crossing the UAE border, you should inform your rental company of the matter beforehand. Some rental agencies do not allow their vehicles to cross country borders. By asking up front, you will be sure to avoid any hefty fines as a result.


Overall, Dubai is a city of magnificence. Public transportation is widespread, but the option to rent a car is extremely accessible. By considering factors such as insurance coverage, allowed mileage, traffic rules and more, you’ll be able to make a smart decision before deciding on the perfect rental car for you.

If you’re looking for the best rental car in Dubai, UAE, we’re here to help. Contact us and start your search today!