Why you Need to Rent a Car at Dubai Airport

Benefits For Buy a Car at Dubai Airport

With globalization, we have seen an increasing trend when it comes to the ease of traveling and the awareness regarding the new destination that one would be landing at. Dubai has become one of the most celebrated cities around the world, not just the Middle East. It gets to entertain millions of tourists throughout the year and not just at any specific time of the year.

Not only have the tourists, even the businessmen from all over the world considered it a hub for all their business activities. It is for this reason why you will see a buzz of activity around the Dubai airport at all times. Amidst this buzz and the excitement to travel the city as early as you can one need to make wise decisions? This is where renting a car at the airport comes to help.

You have the option of either renting a car right there and then or booking one online to ensure that you do not have to look around or wait anymore. Both ways, renting a car from the Dubai airport has its perks and we will now be looking at some of the most obvious ones for you.

Save time
Not everyone who lands in this glorious city is here for sightseeing purposes. Some come to this place to attend business meetings and important seminars too. This makes the time pretty crucial for them. Ensuring that a car is already there waiting for them saves their time and gets them to their desired destination on time. Most of the rental cars come with a free pickup service that takes you to your location at the time of your choosing.

No more getting lost
Most of the times people are visiting Dubai for the first time. As much help the google maps maybe, one still needs guidance from those around to reach their destination without getting lost. With car rentals and their pickup service, you no longer have to worry about finding the way to your hotel or seminar. It will be the responsibility of the driver to get you to your location on time using the shortest and most practical routes.

Your choice
The car rentals give you the complete freedom regarding all the decisions about the car that you will be using. From the time of pickup to the model of car you would want to use, you can decide it all. So, if you want to roam around in one luxurious sports car or maybe would prefer a more comfortable SUV , all can be arranged for you with just a single phone call.

No substitute for comfort
You land in Dubai after a long flight and the last thing that you would want to do is indulge in a search for the car that is clean, comfortable and would drive you to wherever you want. This is all possible if you decide to use the car rental services in Dubai. the car rental companies here, most of them, are very professional when it comes to treating their customers right. If you have made the right choice then rest assured that the trip forward would be a comfortable one for you.

Hire for longer
What is even better is that these car rental services are not limited to one time only. If you had a good experience you can always talk to the service providers to extend the length of the services so that you can use them for longer during your stay here. Most of the companies offer rental cars on monthly basis as well so that you can save from the taxi fares and actually get to enjoy your trip in a more thorough manner.

Careeder has their office at Dubai airport as well. Known for their professional services, you can either book an appointment online or hire a car right there after talking to one of our customer support team.

Things to Consider When Allowing Your Kids to Drive in Dubai

Before Allowing Kid To Drive In Dubai, Must Consider Things

It all starts with you planning to rent a car for a family vacation while you are off to enjoy some good time in Dubai. You have everyone around in good spirits having the time of their life enjoying the beauty of the city and visiting the amazing locations it has to offer. To make things easy, you even hire a car in Dubai. This would not make you dependent on taxis and will help you drive yourself to no matter where you want to go.

If you have kids with you, there are high chances that they would be wanting to try out their hand and practice their skills on one of the best rental cars Dubai while they are here. The whole feeling of high this city evokes can make anyone want to try out new adventurous things. But should you really be allowing your kid to drive the car that you have planned on hiring on a monthly basis?

Things to consider
While your teenage son and daughter are pestering you to allow them to sit in the driving seat, there are a couple of things you need to consider before you allow them to take control.

The type of car
This matters a lot since the size of the car will determine how well your kids can adjust to the driving seat. For your child to be comfortable, the height of the car should complement theirs and thus you need to pick the model and type keeping this in mind. With the child on the driving seat, you are already taking a risk. Using a car not actually meant for them would double that. SUV is often considered a family car and should be the one hired if you have more than five people on the trip accompanying you.

The company you have hired
There are various companies operating that provide you with the options for cheapest rental cars Dubai. Depending on the time duration you are here for and the overall budget you have allocated for yourself, it is important that you start by finding a company that would allow you to do so. When in Dubai on a tour, you are not allowed to drive your own private cars and thus will have to rent one from a company that is registered and licensed to do so. More so, you would also be required to carry your International driving license in order to be eligible for this. So, before you get the contract signing, try to do some research based on the company’s policies. Most of these companies do not allow teenager drivers to take control of their vehicles. An accident in a scenario they do not allow will nullify your insurance claims and have you pay for any sort of damages that occur.

Take care of your requirements
Before you sign off the deal with any rental company, it is important that you begin by being very vocal about your requirements. From the policies regarding the extra drivers, teenage drivers to those that involve payments for any accessories that you buy there are a lot of things that would have to be considered.

Most of these have the policy where you would have to pay extra for any accessories that you buy. This would also include the car seats if you are traveling with kids. This is why do talk to the car rental company in advance and see if you have somehow arranged things in a way to make car rental more economical for you. Maybe try bringing in your own car seat as a beginning? This will save you a lot of money and hassle too.

With car rentals, you need to plan your trip very strategically. The route you take and the number of days you plan to hire a car in Dubai will decide your overall budget eventually.

The Best Beaches in Dubai

Visit Best Beaches in Dubai

Dubai is known for a lot many things and it may be a desert city but this city of gold also has the world’s beautiful beaches and views which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The glittering waters of Arabian Gulf and stunning structures like Burj ul Arab makes these beaches a perfect spot for tourists and visitors. These beautiful beaches provide such a marvelous sightseeing that you will be amazed and won’t forget this experience for the rest of your life.

If you are also a fan of beaches and want to hit a beach at your visit to Dubai, let us help you decide where to go with a list of the best beaches in Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach:

This wonderful beach project has seen many improvements over the years and Jumeirah Beach Residence is now considered as one of the best beaches and hitting spots of Dubai with its wonderful water play and beautiful sightseeing. There are also a plenty of cafes and restaurants in this area that add to the charm of this beautiful spot. It is located at the far end of Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Kite Beach Dubai:

If you want to enjoy the amazing physical activities rather than sitting on a beach and admiring beautiful views, Kite beach Dubai is the perfect spot for this. Right next to Burj al Arab hotel, this beach provides a lot of entertainment and it is very popular with kite surfers and other water sports. So, hire a car in Dubai today and get going to this beach which is located at Jumeirah beach road, Jumeirah 3.

Al Mamzar Beach Park:

Al Mamzar Beach Park at Dubai-Sharjah border is a beautiful spot where you can enjoy several picnic spots, beautiful beaches, swimming pools and barbecue facilities. It is the best spot if you are with kids as there are a lot of playgrounds and activities for youngsters. Follow the signs to Al Mamzar when you take the D95 turn from Dubai Sharjah road to get to this beach park.

Ghantoot Beach:

Well, this might not be the best public beaches in Dubai as it is a private beach where you can get a hell lot of enjoyment and entertainment just in hundred dirhams. It is over the border but much closer to Dubai and the Golden Tulip Al Jazira Hotel & Resort provides the cafes, restaurants and swimming pools just in 100 dirhams. It is located at Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway toward the Golden Tulip Al Jazira Hotel & Resort.

Mercato beach:

It is also one of the private beaches in Dubai, in the neighborhood of Jumeirah Residential. These small private beaches are worth for their views and provide you a good break from the hectic daily routine. It has all the views and whistles of Jumeirah beach residence. It is located at Jumeirah beach road when you go to the Mercato Mall towards the sea. Find a company that offers the best rental car Dubai and plan a trip to this beach today.

Riva Beach Club:

Dubai Beach club is one of the best private beaches in Dubai and it is rather unique as it is not attached to any hotel or resort. You can get a Day pass at 115 dirhams for adults and 60 dirhams for kids and enjoy on one of the many sun loungers and swimming pools on the beach. This 300 meters beach has all the facilities including bar serving foods and drinks, showers, toilets and also a water sports Centre. It is located on the Palm Jumeirah, next to shoreline buildings.

To make this experience even more comforting and amazing, it is better that you hire a car in Dubai instead of using public transport and taxis that might ruin your experience there and waste a lot of time. You can always hire a car from Careeder – Rental Cars Dubai as they provide the best rental cars in Dubai. They offer the cheapest rental cars in Dubai and provide a quality and fast service with their 24/7 customer support to cater your traveling needs in Dubai. You can also hire a monthly rental car if you are planning on to stay for a while in this beautiful city. Hire a car on monthly basis from Careeder and enjoy your stay in Dubai to its fullest.

What to Do if You Have an Accident in the Rental Car?

If Accident Happened In The Rental Car, What to Do?

When driving a car we are always worried about getting in an accident of any sort. Despite what we tell ourselves, a car accident of any severity is bound to put a dent toy our travelling plans. When in your homeland, there are still chances of how you would handle any such situation given that you are driving your own personal car. This is not the case when you are visiting Dubai and travelling on one of the cheapest rental cars Dubai.

So, when you have an accident in one of your rental cars, here are a few steps that you need to take immediately.


No matter how bad the hot is, your first and foremost priority is and should be to get everyone who is with you to safety. Check to make sure that nobody is hurt and if is then rush to get them immediate medical attention. In fact, not only you, try to get everyone else who is involved out of harm’s way.

Contact the services

When you hire a car in Dubai and are driving it out on the roads, you need to know how the city operates. Thus, always keep the numbers of the related authorities with you. This would also include contacting the concerned departments in case you end up with an accident. They will not only handle this situation but provide emergency care to everyone who is involved. Being a tourist and not knowing much about the city, this is the best thing you can do.

Exchange details

For you to present your case to car rentals companies like Careeder-Car Rentals Dubai, you need to sit and talk to the other parties that are involved in the accident. Every story can have as many versions as there are people who are getting affected by it. Thus, for the best situation, you need to first exchange contact details with the other drivers and then decide on what really happened.

Another good approach to the situation would be to take proofs with you. This could begin by taking photographs if the scene that would work as an aid to the verbal explanation of the scene. Some other supported details would include

    • Name, color, and model of the damaged cars
    • Time and date when the accident occurred
    • A description of the weather conditions
    • A detailed account of the injuries that might be sustained.

Call Careeder- Car rentals Dubai

Once you are done with all the data collection, the next step that needs to be taken is for you to call the company you contacted to hire a car in Dubai. The car rental company should then be prompted to arrive at the scene of an accident and handle the expenses of the accidents.

Most of the car rental companies, have cars that are insured and fully covered by such unforeseen circumstances. Contacting them will help them figure out how they can get the insurance company to not bail and pay for the losses that are incurred.

It is in situations like these why the car rental companies come with insurances of the following types:

Collision damage

This has the company waive off any expenses that would result due to a collision. You might have to cover some of the costs for the internal damage to the car but as for the body, this insurance covers any damage it faces.

Protection from theft

With rental cars, we are always overly cautious about where we park them to avoid it getting stolen. It is this thought that often prevents people from hiring a car in Dubai. However, a good car rental in Dubai will have it covered for you.

Third party

During an accident, it is not only your car only which is getting damaged. This insurance will cover third-party damages so that you don’t have to pay for them.

If you ever get into an accident of any sort, make sure that you follow the steps given above. They will not only help you avoid any serious problem but also handle the expenses for you.

5 Car Rental Hacks

Hacks to Hire a Car in Dubai

We all need car rental service at some point in our lives when we have to go somewhere in an emergency or our car broke down. If you are a tourist or going on a visit to some other city or country then renting a car is the most convenient option as a mean of transportation and to move around in an area. This surely is an amazing facility that helps us through our hard time because moving around in public transport in a foreign country or city most of the times is not feasible.

If you live in Dubai or want to go on a visit there then you might need to hire a car to move around. Renting a car in Dubai has proven to be more convenient and it is a better option as compared to using taxis or public transport. You can always get best rental cars in Dubai from Careeder – Rent a Car Dubai. They offer the cheapest rental cars in Dubai and you can also hire monthly rental car in Dubai.

Some car rental hacks can help you through the process of renting a car and it will save you from wasting any time or getting into any troubles. There are also certain rules to rent a car in Dubai that you should know in order to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

Renting Car Rules:

    • Driving License:

You will need a valid UAE driving license if you are a resident in UAE and international driving license if you are a visitor or tourist to rent a car.

    • Driving outside of UAE:

Driving a rental car outside of UAE is not allowed and it is strictly forbidden.

    • Fines & Charges:

Any fines or charges incurred by the driver will be added to the final bill.

    • Minimum Age Limit:

The minimum age limit for driving a car is 18 years but for renting a car, it is 21 years minimum. For some rental companies, the minimum age requirement is 25.

    • Insurance Policy:

Most of the rental car companies offer CDW insurance in UAE but you need to confirm the policy before finalizing rent a car in Dubai

Rental Car Hacks:

Let’s have a look at the 5 best car rental hacks that will help you through the process of renting a car in Dubai:


If you want to rent a whole car for yourself, it will be costly for you as you have to pay the full rent of the car. The best solution to avoid this extra expenditure is by carpooling. Share a car with other people and divide the rent. Find people who share the same destination and start carpooling.

Membership Cards:

If you frequently use the rental car service in Dubai then think about getting a membership card for yourself. It will give you many benefits and you will enjoy the service with special vouchers, coupons, and discounts by the rental car company.

Coupon Codes:

Many discount vouchers and coupon codes are given by the rental car companies to their customers. Think of applying and getting these coupon codes from the official website of the company to save some money by getting discounts and special offers.

Plan Service Wisely:

You need to plan your rental car service wisely and efficiently. For example, if you have a flight at late night then you don’t have to hire the rental car service for that night as it will charge you the rent for the whole day. It would be better if you to use some other means of transportation for a half day or night and hire the rental car from the next day to save some extra money.

Say No to the GPS:

GPS services provided with the rental cars are usually costly and you don’t really have to use it if you have a smartphone with map service in it. Use the GPS service of your smartphone instead of getting the GPS service with the rental car and save some extra amount of money for the day.
With these hacks, you will not only be making the most out of the car renting but also saving a lot even it you hire a car on monthly basis. Use these hacks the next time you take the rented car out on a drive and see how well it fares for you.

The Best Things to Do in Dubai

What are Best Things You Must Do When Visit Dubai

Dubai has a rich culture and delicate balance of modernism and old-fashioned things and places. There is a lot you can do on your visit to Dubai and to fully enjoy and explore this beautiful city, you will need to make a list of best things to do in Dubai.

The most important thing that needs to be taken care of is your travelling and transportation in this fast and modern city to enjoy your visit to its fullest without any time waste and delay. You can hire a car in Dubai directly at Dubai Airport as this will help you connect with the cheapest rental cars in Dubai. In case you are planning on to stay for a while, you might want to hire monthly rental car in Dubai. Rent a car on monthly basis and it will make your visit to Dubai more comforting and convenient.

If you want to get an idea of the best things to do in Dubai, let us help you to narrow down your search. Here’s a list of some of the best things to do in Dubai,

Visit Burj Khalifa:

The first thing that should be on your list is to visit the world’s tallest man-made structure, the most iconic destination of Dubai, Burj Khalifa. Visit Burj Khalifa and give a check to the exhibit of world’s tallest building’s history. Experience the fastest and highest service lift there and explore this building. The beautiful views and glory of this building will surely blow your mind. Enjoy the sunset from the world’s highest observational deck and capture the stunning views over the city.

Sheikh Mohammad Centre:

This is the best place for the cultural understanding of Dubai and to get a great deal of knowledge of Arab culture and also of Islam. This culturally rich and traditional Centre might completely change your perspective about an Arab and Islamic culture, so don’t get surprised of the things you will experience there. You can also ask to enjoy the mesmerizing view from the rooftop of the building.

Public Parks of Dubai:

Visiting a park might not be on your mind at first but if want to get some air then it could be the best idea to have some quality time. This beautiful city has some of the most beautiful and, clean and green parks everywhere. Five dirham fee will let you into any park and you can see Pakistani, Indian, Filipino, Arabic and European families roaming here and there, enjoying BBQs and playing ball games.

Burj Al Arab:

This beautiful structure and building of Dubai also claim to be the world’s only “7-star hotel” and it certainly is the most iconic destination of Dubai city. The public beach next to it is the best viewpoint and it surely is worth your visit. This structure is world’s most photographed destination and the hotel itself is considered one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates:

Ski Dubai is a huge ski slope at malls of the Emirates. You don’t want to miss this experience on your visit to Dubai. It would be a sudden change from 50 Degree centigrade to below zero temperature but don’t worry, you will be fully equipped and have a wonderful experience of skiing in the mall of Emirates.

Jumeira Beach & Dubai Marina:

Dubai Marina with twisting skyscrapers and Jumeira beach residence walk right next to it would be a wonderful experience and this city within a city own some amazing cafes, bars and the best restaurants of Dubai.

Dubai Fountains:

These spectacular fountains are situated outside of the Dubai Mall and there’s an exciting, big and loud show at night. Surrounded by restaurants, you can book for dining on the terrace and enjoy the glory of these fountains to its fullest.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo:

Underwater zoo and aquarium are also hosted by Dubai mall where you can observe fascinating desert animals, huge crocodiles, and while walking beneath aquarium tunnel, you can enjoy the amazing and stunning views of sea animals. With Shark diving, Cage snorkeling, virtual reality experience of jungles of Asia and African Savannah, this place is worth visiting and exploring.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan the trip today and hire a car in Dubai to visit these places and do all these exciting places in the best possible way.

5 Important planning aspects for a Road Trip in Dubai

Are You Planning Trip in Dubai via Road

With vacations just around the corner, everyone around us is gearing up to make the most out of this time. This will mean planning trips within their homeland, saving up to spend some time in a beautiful resort in some far off land or simply take on a road trip to go sightseeing in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

This idea is tempting and it comes with its own set of perks and adventures that are waiting to be explored. If the thought of road trip has interested you as well then given below are 5 top most things that you need to start planning with.


This is the foremost and the most important part of the road trip. Where do you want to go? Which route would you like to take? What are the places that you should see? These are all the many things that would be determined by the destination that you pick out for yourself. Dubai is one of the hottest tourist destinations today and worth visiting. From the picturesque locations to mesmerizing malls and structures, there is nothing that you can’t find in Dubai.


Depending on the number of people who are going with you, the choice of vehicle may vary. With kids, you would prefer something comfortable while a road trip of bachelors would require something classic and sleek. For non-residents of the UAE states, driving private cars in Dubai is not allowed. Thus, you will have to begin by getting in touch with Careerder- Rental Cars Dubai for helping you hire a car in Dubai. They have various cars that you can choose from. In fact, they even allow you to rent a car on a monthly basis if you are planning a longer trip. In fact, do discuss before you select the car since most of the cars are not cut out for long trips. So, feasibility is another option that needs to be looked into when going for cheapest rental cars Dubai.

Get the basics covered

Sit down and think of all the possible things that can go wrong during this trip. Plan for each one of them and how you can prevent and control the situation once you are in it. Carry a first aid box with you at all times to cover for any sort of medication and prompt medical attention that you might need. Do have the company look into the car and get any problems fixed before you hire a car on monthly basis. Have a mechanic look into it before you leave.

Pack accordingly

Depending on the route you are taking, make sure that you have packed all the right stuff. Since Dubai is usually hot throughout the year, you will have to pack clothes that are light and airy. In fact, you would even need to carry along loads of flip flops and sandals for a casual day out on the roads. Hats and sunscreen are important and must be packed in abundance.

Plan the stops

With a fixed schedule in your head and targets that you would want to achieve, you need to set out rules for yourself. Pick up locations where you would want to stop and the others that you would rather miss out on. This will help you decide the route you should be taking and any relevant preparations that you would want to make in advance. You can’t stop everywhere since it will delay the trip. So, come up with compromises and pick out the best spots that are worth stopping at.

Road trips are all about impeccable planning. It is only when you have gone through the planning part in great detail that you would get to enjoy the trip on the road. For more information on the roads that you should be taking and which ones you can avoid, do talk to someone local. Even the company that you would be consulting to hire a car in Dubai can help you in this regards.

4 Busiest Roads in Dubai

Know about the Busiest Roads in Dubai

The infrastructure of a country and a city is mostly dependent on roads. Dubai is one of the most advanced and modern cities of the world with Sky-high buildings and skyscrapers. Thousands of tourists and visitors are always here to enjoy and view the glory of this city. This makes the roads of Dubai the busiest and high traffic on roads also make the worst traffic jams in the city. According to a report in Khaleej Times, The vehicle density of Dubai is 540 cars per thousand people which is the highest in the region and also one of the highest in the whole world.

The numbers of automobiles and vehicles have significantly increased to more than double in the last 8 years in Dubai with an annual increase of 8.2%, which is also one of the highest in the world. Hiring and renting of cars in Dubai also has significantly increased with Careeder – Rental Cars Dubai providing the best rental cars in Dubai and also the cheapest rental cars in Dubai market. You can always hire and rent a car in Dubai with Dubai Hire Limited as they provide the best and fast rental car service in this regard. If you live in Dubai or planning on to visit this glorious city then you might need to know about the busiest roads in Dubai. Let’s have a look at few of the busiest roads of Dubai.

Busiest Roads in Dubai:

With an increasing population and number of tourists in Dubai, the whole city is always full of traffic and vehicles and every road of Dubai is busy with long lanes of traffic and traffic jams. But the busiest roads in Dubai include Sheikh Zayed Road, Emirates Road, Khalid bin Al Waleed road or bank street, Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Road and many others.

Driving on these busiest roads feels like a never-ending traffic especially when you are out on these roads in the peak hours (Morning or Evening), you will surely get stuck in the traffic and at traffic signals. Congested roads are also one of the main problems which make the traffic situation on these roads even worst.

Stats & Info :

    • Sheikh Zayed Road:

It is one of the busiest roads of Dubai with many important buildings and venues alongside it including world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa at the first interchange of Sheikh Zayed Road. The length of this road is 558.4 Km and it was built in 1980. The major junction at this roads is Jebel Ali Al Habab road and Dubai Al-ain Road.

    • Emirates Road:

Formerly known as Dubai bypass road, Emirates road is also one of the busiest roads in Dubai which is currently under construction as the project is being developed in three phases. The important junction at this road is Al-ain road and Al Daid road in Sharjah. This road is developed to link the emirates of Abu Dhabi to the northern emirates.

    • Khalid bin Al Waleed road:

A few blocks south of Al Fahidi Street lies another busiest roads in Dubai, Khalid bin al Waleed road which is also known as “Computer Street” or Bank Street. The distinct and clear change of pace here from the narrow streets of the old city Centre to the modern and advance districts beyond that includes few of the distinctive shopping malls such as Burjuman Mall, Banks such as first Abu Dhabi bank and also is best known for its plethora of computer and electronic chips

    • Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Road

This road was formerly known as Emirates road and it was completed in 2001. The length of this road is 140.5 Km and the major junctions at this road are Jebel Ali Al Habab, Oud Metha, and Ras al Khor that makes it one of the busiest roads of Dubai.

So, while you are in Dubai, hire a car on monthly basis and make things a lot convenient for you while you are travelling around.

How to Spend Long Vacations in Dubai

Tips to Spend Long Vacations in Dubai

To the outsiders, Dubai gives an illusion of being a city that offers nothing more than skyscrapers and high rise buildings. This, however, is quickly negated when you look at the whopping figure of a number of people who actually visit this city on annual basis. It is exciting yet really thrilling at the same time: giving you more and more reasons to visit the city the next chance you get. So, what are some of the things you need to be looking into when you decide to spend long vacations in this majestic city? Let us find that out.


Given the budget that you are trying to go with, it is advised that you find yourself an accommodation that is not beautiful but also falls within your range. Whilst there are plenty of five-star hotel options that you can check out, sticking to your budget will help make the trip more enjoyable for you.

Car service

If you want to enjoy Dubai to its fullest then do not rely on public transport. You would want to have access to everything good the city has to offer then make sure that you rent a car Dubai at your first convenience. If you are here for longer, then hiring a monthly rental car service will allow you to get better packages and save simultaneously too. Try to find out more Rental cars in Dubai as soon as you land here to get started on the adventure at the earliest.

Save for the food

It might come to surprise you but when it comes to food, Dubai has a lot to offer. Being a multi-cultural city, it is home to many nationalities and ethnicities. This means that you will get the opportunity to try out various cuisines while you are staying here. From restaurants of world-class Michelin star chefs to stalls that are alongside the roads, the food scene here is diverse and really unique in its own ways.

Plan the activities

It usually gets unbearably hot here during the day so make sure that you pack light and bring airy clothes with you to roam around in. when it comes to activities, Dubai knows how to entertain the huge number of tourists it gets to entertain on a daily basis. Burj Khalifa is a huge favourite amongst all the tourists but this is not everything the city offers. While definitely worth visiting, you should also talk to the locals here to know more about other places that are worth visiting. Since you are here on a long trip, time is not an issue. So, you can choose some cooler days to go out in the open and reserve the warm ones for the trips that shall end with you being in an indoor facility. There are various spas, kids play areas, and theme parks that you can enjoy your time at with your whole family. If you are on the lookout for something private and intimate then rent a car Dubai to one of the clubs and nightclubs the city has to offer. You surely will have the time of your life there.

Go slow

The best way to enjoy Dubai in all its awesomeness is to take it slow. You have ample of time on your hands so why would you want to run through all your plans in a week or so. Hire monthly rental car service and have it take you to places you have been dreaming about. However, do spend some time at each location and explore it the most you can. After all, this is what tourism is all about: taking in the beauty of the places that we came to visit by taking time off from our work routines.

So, what are you waiting for? Take time off your schedule and plan the next mega family vacation in the city that never sleeps. Dubai is a beautiful place to be in. Make sure to hire the services of rent a car Dubai while you are there to enjoy a hassle-free comfortable time throughout your trip. With less focus on driving and roads, you actually would have more fun here.

Getting the Cheap Car Rentals in Dubai is Not Hard Anymore

Getting the Cheap Car Rentals in Dubai is Not Hard Anymore


When we think Dubai, we think huge skyscrapers, lavish lifestyle, clear skies, peaceful and a glamorous environment.

While many definitions of what defines this amazing place for you might differ, there is something that compliments the beauty of this wonderland like nothing else does the perfect car.

While the majority of residents own different cars- from your everyday transporter to the revving supercar, tourists and locals alike, love dabbling into the four-wheel monsters and want to experience it. With that, comes the necessity of rentals.

In this article, we will talk about why car rental Dubai has become easy and convenient in the past decade or two, with an exponential increase in the stats.

It’s about convenience

In the past decade, as every decade before that, Dubai has seen a huge spike in businesses and tourism alike. When it comes to the rental industry, the business seems to be booming- from new entrepreneurial ventures and collaborations to more and more companies opening up to the idea of lending. With all the necessity and the expanding market, comes supply. That supply, followed by competition, gives need to convenience.

It’s about demand-and-supply

Convenience – this is what progress is all about. Getting a rental car in Dubai has become as easy as going to your favourite supermarket and getting a few groceries. Starting as low as around 42/dhs per day, numerous ventures are now catering to this need, resulting in a happy tourist experience. From companies like Careeder – Rent a Car Dubai to companies like Amexcars car rentals- locals and foreigners alike, have numerous options to choose from, subject to their needs and wants.

In addition to the everyday man who would rather prefer a rental car instead of paying huge taxi bills of facing public transport (which again, is good but nothing beats the convenience of an air-conditioned car), there is a huge business need for these cars in Dubai.

Businesses who need to carry out everyday work, like offer rides to their employees, send their employees to meetings and seminars, device and pick up documents, etc, also prefer rental over anything else. Few companies also prefer to hire monthly rental car in Dubai for their employees.

When it comes to picking a vehicle, the range spans from Chevrolet to Ferrari- nothing is an upper limit of how far you can go with your choices on these, because of the flexibility of the businesses, as well as the leniency provided by the authorities that support these businesses grow. From work to pleasure and from trips to adventure- there is a car for every occasion, and it is out there for rental at a very convenient price point!

It’s about features

In addition to the already balanced set of variables that are covered to give you a good experience, the car rental business has a lot more to offer than just deals. From chauffeur services and wide ranges of cars to customized services, special one-offs (like car rental for one day at convenient price points), discounts on various festivals and other seasons, the trade provides a lot of features for you to pick and choose from, just like any big business model would.

There are businesses in Dubai that also incorporate employed entrepreneurs and service providers alike in their network to cover every geographical location of the city, at almost any given point in time during the day. Statistics show that this has delivered a decrease in car-hailing preferences by local citizens and foreigners alike, as more and cheaper rental options are available, growing exponentially.

It’s about statistics

The other reason for rentals is the expenses that cabs incur. For a tourist, as well as for someone who must travel on a daily basis for business or personal reasons, the costs stack up to be more than what a weekly or monthly rental would provide them. The costs for rentals from a service like rent a car can go as low as around 80 AED (21 USD), on a per day basis.

Whenever a lease agreement is made, there are a few things that always need to be kept in mind, and statistics say that most of the rental companies provide a good, balanced mix of there. These start from the lease offers, the type of car (new or a used one that is in excellent condition), the car’s residual value, the total calculated interest rate, totality of the miles included, the drive-off fees and miscellaneous fees that incur subject to different situations/types of agreements (subjected to the offering and the time).

It’s about you

At the end of the day, Dubai is all about the experience. Whether you are a foreigner or a local, there is always so much to explore in Dubai. And what better to get you from point A to point B than a convenient four-wheeler that is light on the pocket and heavy on the value? With more and more cut-throat deals on almost every type of car you want, getting a good deal on rental cars in Dubai is not hard anymore!

The next time you are in Dubai, do not miss out on the infinite possibilities of choosing a car on rental to kill two birds with one stone- save the expense on taxi (and as a bonus, save the hassle of public transport options), and roll on in your preferred four-wheeler with grandeur to sightsee and move around this beautiful land of wonders!