10 Best Cars for Rent for Small Family

Cars for Rent for Small Family

When going on a family holiday we often forget the amount of travel we will be doing and rely on taxis and public transport due to lack of planning and no options. Booking a car in advance is a great way to save money on transport and have a more comfortable alternative to travel as a family. This also helps give you a safer mode of travel that is a huge boon if you have kids. Booking your own car is not only cheaper than taxis and public transport but also more comfortable. Entering the world of car renting can be daunting as there are many options and finding the rate, car and offer that suits you best is important. As a small family, there are cars that are best suited to your needs and a cheap car rental helps you save a lot of travel money. Here are a few options to look at if you are searching for a good deal.

  1. Volkswagen Golf Hatchback:

    The award-winning car from a trustworthy company is a great bet for anyone with kids as it has a spacious interior which allows children to sit comfortably. A boot with ample space also allows you to travel comfortably while carrying whatever you need without a lack of space being an issue. This car is also high on safety measures and is economical at the same time. This car has an average rental price of 250 AED per day and you can get it cheaper if you book for a longer period of time.

  2. Mazda 3 Hatchback:

    This model has a great interior that gives you a lot of space and is also cheap car rental option for you. It is a sleek car that has been on the road for a while and is trusted by many. You can rent this model at an average cost of 100 AED per day and it can go down to as low as 2100 AED a month if you book in advance.

  3. Ford-B-Max:

    This is a relatively new model and has a smaller build. It has a lot of space and has multiple safety measures such as airbags, emergency brake assistance and more. Airbags for side, knee and curtain provide parents with much-needed safety for their children and themselves. The engine is cheap to run and it is an overall good car to take with you on tourist attraction visits.

  4. Skoda Octavia:

    This is a not exactly a fun car but it is within budget and has some great features. It also has a lot of rear space and has also scored 4 stars on the NCAP safety test. The safety measures depend on the model you go for but it is a great car. The price is very similar to the Mazda 3 Hatchback and is around 1950 AED a month.

  5. Audi A3 Sportback:

    If you have a good budget and a taste for the good life and speed. The Audi A3 Sportback is a great car for families that want to move fast and in style. It has a lot of storage space and is sleek to look at. It has a fiver star score in regard to the Euro NCAP. Safety and space is not all it offers as it has a boot that can fit all your shopping bags and suitcases no matter where you are going.

  6. Ford Focus:

    The Ford Focus is a classic that can be trusted and needs no introduction. It is a classy looking car and has high quality materials and good safety measures such as airbags. The maintenance cost is also good as range of options such as diesel and petrol are offered. Performance on the road is above average and it can fit a family comfortably. The Ford Focus has been on the road since 1998 and has been trusted ever since. The engine is powerful and it has a durable interior. It also has extremely high ratings from previous users.

  7. Nissan Leaf:

    This is an electric alternative and can fit everyone in comfortably. It is a recent addition to the market and has an eight hour charging time. It is a cute car for a small family and an environmentally friendly travel agent. The car can comfortably fit five people and has a 147 horsepower. It is the world’s best selling electric car and has a range of features to make your journey more comfortable. Emergency braking and ProPilot Assist makes your travel safe.

  8. Opel Meriva:

    The model that puts a lot of other to shame with its excellent design, the Opel Meriva makes fitting a child inside a car much easier than before. The interior of the car is solid as well and kids playing around behind should not be an issue. It has a five star safety rating and multiple features such as three seatbelts in the rear and collapsible steering column.

  9. Volvo V40:

    The Volvo has some great engines available and is also low on cost which makes running the car far more economical. It is also an incredibly good looking car that is spacious as well. It scored 98% for adult occupant protection and has similar impressive scores to its name. The Euro NCAP tests for the Volvo V40 are consistently pleasing and it lives up to its good name. It is designed for the city and has a great cabin experience to look forward to.

  10. Hyundai i30 Hatchback:

    The Hyundai with its sexy look and interior with great material is definitely easy on the eyes. It offers storage and space for your kids. You can fit just about anything in the boot of the car and the material of the car is extremely comfortable while being ready for your kids. It’s on-road performance is impressive to say the least and it has a five-star safety rating giving you additional assurance. It is refined and impressive for any purpose.