4 Busiest Roads in Dubai

Know about the Busiest Roads in Dubai

The infrastructure of a country and a city is mostly dependent on roads. Dubai is one of the most advanced and modern cities of the world with Sky-high buildings and skyscrapers. Thousands of tourists and visitors are always here to enjoy and view the glory of this city. This makes the roads of Dubai the busiest and high traffic on roads also make the worst traffic jams in the city. According to a report in Khaleej Times, The vehicle density of Dubai is 540 cars per thousand people which is the highest in the region and also one of the highest in the whole world.

The numbers of automobiles and vehicles have significantly increased to more than double in the last 8 years in Dubai with an annual increase of 8.2%, which is also one of the highest in the world. Hiring and renting of cars in Dubai also has significantly increased with Careeder – Rental Cars Dubai providing the best rental cars in Dubai and also the cheapest rental cars in Dubai market. You can always hire and rent a car in Dubai with Dubai Hire Limited as they provide the best and fast rental car service in this regard. If you live in Dubai or planning on to visit this glorious city then you might need to know about the busiest roads in Dubai. Let’s have a look at few of the busiest roads of Dubai.

Busiest Roads in Dubai:

With an increasing population and number of tourists in Dubai, the whole city is always full of traffic and vehicles and every road of Dubai is busy with long lanes of traffic and traffic jams. But the busiest roads in Dubai include Sheikh Zayed Road, Emirates Road, Khalid bin Al Waleed road or bank street, Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Road and many others.

Driving on these busiest roads feels like a never-ending traffic especially when you are out on these roads in the peak hours (Morning or Evening), you will surely get stuck in the traffic and at traffic signals. Congested roads are also one of the main problems which make the traffic situation on these roads even worst.

Stats & Info :

    • Sheikh Zayed Road:

It is one of the busiest roads of Dubai with many important buildings and venues alongside it including world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa at the first interchange of Sheikh Zayed Road. The length of this road is 558.4 Km and it was built in 1980. The major junction at this roads is Jebel Ali Al Habab road and Dubai Al-ain Road.

    • Emirates Road:

Formerly known as Dubai bypass road, Emirates road is also one of the busiest roads in Dubai which is currently under construction as the project is being developed in three phases. The important junction at this road is Al-ain road and Al Daid road in Sharjah. This road is developed to link the emirates of Abu Dhabi to the northern emirates.

    • Khalid bin Al Waleed road:

A few blocks south of Al Fahidi Street lies another busiest roads in Dubai, Khalid bin al Waleed road which is also known as “Computer Street” or Bank Street. The distinct and clear change of pace here from the narrow streets of the old city Centre to the modern and advance districts beyond that includes few of the distinctive shopping malls such as Burjuman Mall, Banks such as first Abu Dhabi bank and also is best known for its plethora of computer and electronic chips

    • Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Road

This road was formerly known as Emirates road and it was completed in 2001. The length of this road is 140.5 Km and the major junctions at this road are Jebel Ali Al Habab, Oud Metha, and Ras al Khor that makes it one of the busiest roads of Dubai.

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