4 Things to Know Before you Visit Dubai

Before Visiting Dubai, YOu Must Know These Things

If you want to experience a country full of glamour, where you will be surprised to see and experience some extraordinary things like machines of gold bars and police vehicles that are not just any normal cars but are the latest models of name brand cars, then Dubai is the right place for you. Dubai is also said to be a city where you are welcomed with great hospitality. As people from all over the world believe Dubai to be the worlds best tourist spot, it is ensured that you are receiving world’s best treatment by the people living there. UAE never leaves anyone feels empty when they return back home. The feeling of staying a life of luxury, the services received, and the choices of activities to do will definitely make you want to go back and explore more.

With so many things to know about the glamorous city of joy, there are four things that you must know before you travel to Dubai:

Safety and Security

The United Arab Emirates is said to be the safest country and Dubai is one city where the laws are highly strict. There is absolutely zero percent criminal records. The city moreover has an excellent police force and under their supervision, no one dares to commit anything wrong. Even if it is a public place, on the streets or inside the hotels, tourists should be very careful in committing anything wrong and out of the rules and regulation. In Dubai, the women are abided from a different law that they need to follow. If you belong to a country where you have the liberty to be free and live the life you want, it is not the same here in Dubai. There are certain rules and regulation you have to follow.

Dubai’s Rich Culture

To begin with, it is mandatory for you to know about the rich culture and lifestyle of Dubai. If you want to know in depth about the history of the Islamic background, then Dubai is the right place for you. It is, in fact, a place that is contemporary, but at the same time to respect and honor the culture of the Muslims and their way of living, visitors coming from different parts of the world consider to behave well and choose to wear the right and appropriate clothes where necessary. Tourists should also know that the weather is hot almost all year round, swimming costume are allowed to be worn on the beaches and hotel swimming pools.

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For the culture of Dubai, an important and significant role is played by their religion. You will get to see the beautiful mosques at every corner of the city. You will also be mesmerized to hear the beautiful call to prayers known as Azaan. This is the time where everyone gathers around together to say special prayers.

Moreover, in a city like Dubai, alcoholic beverages are not offered at every restaurants or hotel. Only the restaurants and bars that are entitled can sell alcoholic drinks and beverages. If you want to celebrate your day with a drink, you should know from before the places where alcoholic beverages are available. You should also know that you would be strictly fined if you show a behavior that is not acceptable to be decent in public places.

It is also a culture with many festivities that are celebrated. Every tourist plans to visit Dubai during the month of Ramadan. During this month residents as well as tourists are not allowed to drink or eat anything in front of everyone in public places. However, they are only allowed to eat or drink at particular areas or inside of their own homes. During the month of Ramadan, you are also advised to wear decent clothes.

A Paradise

Thirdly, Dubai is a place of paradise. With so many activities to do, it makes it hard for the tourists to choose from. You will get to experience the different sorts of cuisine starting from Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and European to many more. The variety of food you can have is unbelievable and that too of great taste and quality. The most famous out of all the dishes are the falafel and camel meat. These are something to definitely try and not miss.

Dubai is just the right place if you want to experience a holiday that you would want to cherish forever from deep within your heart. With so many exciting tourist attractions, Dubai has been growing steadily and has turned to be the largest global city. Each year thousands of people from every corner of the world choose to come to Dubai because of all the activities it has to offer, whether it’s the landmarks, exhibitions, shopping or even the amazing nightlife.

The top places of Dubai to visit are the Palm Jumeirah Beach, Burj Khalifa, Atlantis Hotel, The Miracle Garden and of course the Desert Safari. There are certainly best car rentals in Dubai available to ease your trip. They provide 24*7 services to their customers, Visitors can also hire a car on the monthly or weekly basis in Dubai.

With so many activities to do, the best one is to take the Dubai Palm Cruise Tour. To experience the magnificent view of the Palm Jumeirah you should book the one-hour guided tour. During this time you can also get to see the manmade palm fronds as well as the five-star hotels. This is definitely something not to miss. Other than all of these The Ferrari theme park, which is the world’s largest indoor park is a place to go and see.

Manmade Beauty

Lastly, you will be startled to know about the things that are simply manmade and can be seen on the land of Dubai. Since Dubai isn’t lucky to have its own natural beauty, they were blessed to have these amazing ideas to make their own manmade environmental beauty. They have utilized their resources in the best way possible and created places that are incredible. Tourists from all over the world should know of the details of the fountains and islands that are all artificial. And with all these to know before you go to Dubai, it is guaranteed that you can make this trip of yours to be the best one.