5 Car Rental Hacks

Hacks to Hire a Car in Dubai

We all need car rental service at some point in our lives when we have to go somewhere in an emergency or our car broke down. If you are a tourist or going on a visit to some other city or country then renting a car is the most convenient option as a mean of transportation and to move around in an area. This surely is an amazing facility that helps us through our hard time because moving around in public transport in a foreign country or city most of the times is not feasible.

If you live in Dubai or want to go on a visit there then you might need to hire a car to move around. Renting a car in Dubai has proven to be more convenient and it is a better option as compared to using taxis or public transport. You can always get best rental cars in Dubai from Careeder – Rent a Car Dubai. They offer the cheapest rental cars in Dubai and you can also hire monthly rental car in Dubai.

Some car rental hacks can help you through the process of renting a car and it will save you from wasting any time or getting into any troubles. There are also certain rules to rent a car in Dubai that you should know in order to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

Renting Car Rules:

    • Driving License:

You will need a valid UAE driving license if you are a resident in UAE and international driving license if you are a visitor or tourist to rent a car.

    • Driving outside of UAE:

Driving a rental car outside of UAE is not allowed and it is strictly forbidden.

    • Fines & Charges:

Any fines or charges incurred by the driver will be added to the final bill.

    • Minimum Age Limit:

The minimum age limit for driving a car is 18 years but for renting a car, it is 21 years minimum. For some rental companies, the minimum age requirement is 25.

    • Insurance Policy:

Most of the rental car companies offer CDW insurance in UAE but you need to confirm the policy before finalizing rent a car in Dubai

Rental Car Hacks:

Let’s have a look at the 5 best car rental hacks that will help you through the process of renting a car in Dubai:


If you want to rent a whole car for yourself, it will be costly for you as you have to pay the full rent of the car. The best solution to avoid this extra expenditure is by carpooling. Share a car with other people and divide the rent. Find people who share the same destination and start carpooling.

Membership Cards:

If you frequently use the rental car service in Dubai then think about getting a membership card for yourself. It will give you many benefits and you will enjoy the service with special vouchers, coupons, and discounts by the rental car company.

Coupon Codes:

Many discount vouchers and coupon codes are given by the rental car companies to their customers. Think of applying and getting these coupon codes from the official website of the company to save some money by getting discounts and special offers.

Plan Service Wisely:

You need to plan your rental car service wisely and efficiently. For example, if you have a flight at late night then you don’t have to hire the rental car service for that night as it will charge you the rent for the whole day. It would be better if you to use some other means of transportation for a half day or night and hire the rental car from the next day to save some extra money.

Say No to the GPS:

GPS services provided with the rental cars are usually costly and you don’t really have to use it if you have a smartphone with map service in it. Use the GPS service of your smartphone instead of getting the GPS service with the rental car and save some extra amount of money for the day.
With these hacks, you will not only be making the most out of the car renting but also saving a lot even it you hire a car on monthly basis. Use these hacks the next time you take the rented car out on a drive and see how well it fares for you.