Getting the Cheap Car Rentals in Dubai is Not Hard Anymore

Getting the Cheap Car Rentals in Dubai is Not Hard Anymore


When we think Dubai, we think huge skyscrapers, lavish lifestyle, clear skies, peaceful and a glamorous environment.

While many definitions of what defines this amazing place for you might differ, there is something that compliments the beauty of this wonderland like nothing else does the perfect car.

While the majority of residents own different cars- from your everyday transporter to the revving supercar, tourists and locals alike, love dabbling into the four-wheel monsters and want to experience it. With that, comes the necessity of rentals.

In this article, we will talk about why car rental Dubai has become easy and convenient in the past decade or two, with an exponential increase in the stats.

It’s about convenience

In the past decade, as every decade before that, Dubai has seen a huge spike in businesses and tourism alike. When it comes to the rental industry, the business seems to be booming- from new entrepreneurial ventures and collaborations to more and more companies opening up to the idea of lending. With all the necessity and the expanding market, comes supply. That supply, followed by competition, gives need to convenience.

It’s about demand-and-supply

Convenience – this is what progress is all about. Getting a rental car in Dubai has become as easy as going to your favourite supermarket and getting a few groceries. Starting as low as around 42/dhs per day, numerous ventures are now catering to this need, resulting in a happy tourist experience. From companies like Careeder – Rent a Car Dubai to companies like Amexcars car rentals- locals and foreigners alike, have numerous options to choose from, subject to their needs and wants.

In addition to the everyday man who would rather prefer a rental car instead of paying huge taxi bills of facing public transport (which again, is good but nothing beats the convenience of an air-conditioned car), there is a huge business need for these cars in Dubai.

Businesses who need to carry out everyday work, like offer rides to their employees, send their employees to meetings and seminars, device and pick up documents, etc, also prefer rental over anything else. Few companies also prefer to hire monthly rental car in Dubai for their employees.

When it comes to picking a vehicle, the range spans from Chevrolet to Ferrari- nothing is an upper limit of how far you can go with your choices on these, because of the flexibility of the businesses, as well as the leniency provided by the authorities that support these businesses grow. From work to pleasure and from trips to adventure- there is a car for every occasion, and it is out there for rental at a very convenient price point!

It’s about features

In addition to the already balanced set of variables that are covered to give you a good experience, the car rental business has a lot more to offer than just deals. From chauffeur services and wide ranges of cars to customized services, special one-offs (like car rental for one day at convenient price points), discounts on various festivals and other seasons, the trade provides a lot of features for you to pick and choose from, just like any big business model would.

There are businesses in Dubai that also incorporate employed entrepreneurs and service providers alike in their network to cover every geographical location of the city, at almost any given point in time during the day. Statistics show that this has delivered a decrease in car-hailing preferences by local citizens and foreigners alike, as more and cheaper rental options are available, growing exponentially.

It’s about statistics

The other reason for rentals is the expenses that cabs incur. For a tourist, as well as for someone who must travel on a daily basis for business or personal reasons, the costs stack up to be more than what a weekly or monthly rental would provide them. The costs for rentals from a service like rent a car can go as low as around 80 AED (21 USD), on a per day basis.

Whenever a lease agreement is made, there are a few things that always need to be kept in mind, and statistics say that most of the rental companies provide a good, balanced mix of there. These start from the lease offers, the type of car (new or a used one that is in excellent condition), the car’s residual value, the total calculated interest rate, totality of the miles included, the drive-off fees and miscellaneous fees that incur subject to different situations/types of agreements (subjected to the offering and the time).

It’s about you

At the end of the day, Dubai is all about the experience. Whether you are a foreigner or a local, there is always so much to explore in Dubai. And what better to get you from point A to point B than a convenient four-wheeler that is light on the pocket and heavy on the value? With more and more cut-throat deals on almost every type of car you want, getting a good deal on rental cars in Dubai is not hard anymore!

The next time you are in Dubai, do not miss out on the infinite possibilities of choosing a car on rental to kill two birds with one stone- save the expense on taxi (and as a bonus, save the hassle of public transport options), and roll on in your preferred four-wheeler with grandeur to sightsee and move around this beautiful land of wonders!