How To Avoid Most Common Traffic Voilations

Driving comes with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of yourself, your passengers and others. Traffic rules are designed to keep everyone safe and should always be followed. Here are some tips on the common traffic rules here in the Philippines and how you can avoid traffic violations and keep the roads safe.

1. Over speeding

Always be mindful of the allowable minimum to maximum speed limits in the area where you will drive. In the Philippines, the general minimum speed limit is 60 km/h and the maximum is 100 km/h.  Over speeding can be accounted for as reckless driving which can attract a fine of Php 1,000 up to Php 5,000. Always control your speed and err on the side of caution. Drive slower if you are in doubt of what the speed limit is in the area.

2. Beating the Red Light

Put simply, red means stop! Traffic lights are designed to properly manage the flow of the vehicles on a certain road, especially at an intersection. Particularly in the Philippines, heavy traffic jams can cause havoc so following the traffic lights is crucial. Of course, traffic lights prevent collisions so avoid accidents and fines by following the traffic light signals.

3. Leaving your driver’s license behind

Your driver’s license is your permission to drive on the road. It must be taken seriously and always be in your possession when you are in the driver’s seat. In the event of any incident, your driver’s license acts as your identification and avoids issues that may come about if you didn’t have it with you. In addition, the authorities may request to view your driver’s license during any routine inspection or as a result of a traffic violation so keep things easy by ensuring you always carry your driver’s license with you.

4. Not strapping in

Seat belts are made to keep everyone safe and should be properly used by all occupants of the vehicle. It is the driver’s responsibility to check that all occupants are strapped in before taking off and at all times during the journey. In addition, the authorities will enforce the Republic Act 8750, also known as the “Seat Belt Law”, where a person who fails to secure seat belts on his/her car will have to pay a fine of Php 1,000. So fasten your seat belts and get ready for a safe road trip.

5. Driving under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Alcohol and drugs alter your state in a way that negatively affects driving. Remember it is your duty to keep yourself, your passengers and others safe at all times so don’t engage in any activities that may endanger others. The large fines and violations are there to discourage likely apprehenders, however, there should never be a question about driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The zero tolerance policy should always apply.

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