How To Get Discount on Rental Cars

Do You Want Discount On Rental Cars

Whether you are a tourist or a resident of the area, rental cars are becoming more popular and preferable by the day. Rental cars offer you more options, less costs and the ability to have a car only when you need one. Rental cars in Dubai can be a tricky area to set foot in as prices are never the same everywhere. The best car rental company in Dubai can be right around the corner and you would not know it. Here are a few useful ways to get rental car discounts and save you some much needed cash.

  1. Exclusive Rates: Many times there are rates for people of a certain job, area or period of booking. For example there may be a special price of AED 1350 rather than AED 1500 for the same vehicle if you are a teacher. These rates will not be told to you upfront a lot of the time and you should consider doing some information digging by visiting the company website and searching for special rates, discounts and codes that can be used.
  2. Avoid Insurance: A lot of the time people, without knowing any better, add on the cost of insurance to their rental car. A lot of the time, your credit card or travel insurance already covers you for damage. Unknowingly new renters go for a costlier plan that will not be of use to them. If you do choose to follow this tip, it would be wise to bring a copy of your insurance as proof since car rental companies have started to ask for it before handing you the keys.
  3. Discounts based on Location: Depending on your location, costs can differ but so can discounts. Companies at times allow their users a discount based on the location they are traveling to popular locations such as tourist spots or hotels offer a less costly version of the same distance. You could easily check for discounts by visiting the attraction, accessing their website or calling them. They will immediately inform you on any discounts available and how to go about getting them. The Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, The Dubai Fountain and more are examples of what could be a great discount if you decide to make a call and ask.
  4. Special Membership Programs: Many car rental companies offer discounts to frequent users. Once you collect a certain amount of miles or points on your membership, you will automatically be eligible for a discount or a free ride. This also allows you to stick with the same company and form a great relationship with them so they notify you on further discounts available.
  5. Prepay: The price of your rental car will go down drastically if you decide to prepay your way into the buy. If you feed in your card details and allow a more hassle-free process for the company by paying before you walk in, they will show their appreciation by lowering your costs. This can be done online when you are sure you need to hire the car on monthly basis in Dubai or for a certain amount of time. on a certain date
  6. Rent directly: Renting directly from the website of the company allows you to maneuver around unnecessary middleman fees and also helps you find the best rate available. The price on site will be more trustworthy as well as you will be dealing with the company providing the car to you and not a large online connector.
  7. Never Rent at the Airport: The moment you land you will be tired, jetlagged and ready to make bad decisions. There will be a dozen car rentals outside the airport taking advantage of this fact and asking you for an astronomical price, knowing you are a tourist and unaware of what is a great deal. Research has shown that tourists pay three times the amount if they book at the airport rather than hire a car in Dubai online.
  8. Go small: Booking a smaller model that is cheaper can save you money and since the cheaper models are in high demand, there will be times when the company will give you a costlier car at the same price. This is dependent on your luck and time of the year, but it is a great way to pay less and get more. So try to hire the cheapest car for rent.
  9. Rent for longer: There are constant schemes available if you book for a longer period of time like if you want to hire a car on the monthly or weekly basis. The best car rental company in Dubai will have offers that can be used by just about anyone depending on their needs. A Toyota Corolla can be rented at AED 1800 a month rather than an even higher price for a three-week rental. It would be a good idea to compare costs even if you are not using the car for the entire period. Most times, the difference is so huge that renting for a longer period can be more financially smart than renting on a weekly basis.
  10. Social Media Discounts: Companies are constantly looking to grow their social media following to capture more of the market. If you agree to like, follow, share or comment on a post or page there are discounts available at times. You can try this method by simply visiting their social media profiles and looking for any offers they may have posted. This will also give you a good idea on what cars they offer and allow you to go through reviews to make an informed decision.

So even though a Toyota will remain a Toyota, AED 3000 could change to become AED 1800, saving you a significant amount.  Money can be saved if you look hard and take some time before renting. Booking in advance and visiting company websites help you get a better deal. Planning in advance is always the best way to go about anything and that includes renting. Dubai offers some amazing attractions and knowing where to rent will save you a lot of money and time while you get there.