How to Spend Long Vacations in Dubai

Tips to Spend Long Vacations in Dubai

To the outsiders, Dubai gives an illusion of being a city that offers nothing more than skyscrapers and high rise buildings. This, however, is quickly negated when you look at the whopping figure of a number of people who actually visit this city on annual basis. It is exciting yet really thrilling at the same time: giving you more and more reasons to visit the city the next chance you get. So, what are some of the things you need to be looking into when you decide to spend long vacations in this majestic city? Let us find that out.


Given the budget that you are trying to go with, it is advised that you find yourself an accommodation that is not beautiful but also falls within your range. Whilst there are plenty of five-star hotel options that you can check out, sticking to your budget will help make the trip more enjoyable for you.

Car service

If you want to enjoy Dubai to its fullest then do not rely on public transport. You would want to have access to everything good the city has to offer then make sure that you rent a car Dubai at your first convenience. If you are here for longer, then hiring a monthly rental car service will allow you to get better packages and save simultaneously too. Try to find out more Rental cars in Dubai as soon as you land here to get started on the adventure at the earliest.

Save for the food

It might come to surprise you but when it comes to food, Dubai has a lot to offer. Being a multi-cultural city, it is home to many nationalities and ethnicities. This means that you will get the opportunity to try out various cuisines while you are staying here. From restaurants of world-class Michelin star chefs to stalls that are alongside the roads, the food scene here is diverse and really unique in its own ways.

Plan the activities

It usually gets unbearably hot here during the day so make sure that you pack light and bring airy clothes with you to roam around in. when it comes to activities, Dubai knows how to entertain the huge number of tourists it gets to entertain on a daily basis. Burj Khalifa is a huge favourite amongst all the tourists but this is not everything the city offers. While definitely worth visiting, you should also talk to the locals here to know more about other places that are worth visiting. Since you are here on a long trip, time is not an issue. So, you can choose some cooler days to go out in the open and reserve the warm ones for the trips that shall end with you being in an indoor facility. There are various spas, kids play areas, and theme parks that you can enjoy your time at with your whole family. If you are on the lookout for something private and intimate then rent a car Dubai to one of the clubs and nightclubs the city has to offer. You surely will have the time of your life there.

Go slow

The best way to enjoy Dubai in all its awesomeness is to take it slow. You have ample of time on your hands so why would you want to run through all your plans in a week or so. Hire monthly rental car service and have it take you to places you have been dreaming about. However, do spend some time at each location and explore it the most you can. After all, this is what tourism is all about: taking in the beauty of the places that we came to visit by taking time off from our work routines.

So, what are you waiting for? Take time off your schedule and plan the next mega family vacation in the city that never sleeps. Dubai is a beautiful place to be in. Make sure to hire the services of rent a car Dubai while you are there to enjoy a hassle-free comfortable time throughout your trip. With less focus on driving and roads, you actually would have more fun here.