Steps to Choose Right Car to Rent

When renting a car one of your major considerations is the type vehicle that you will book. Whether it’s for running errands, a special occasion, a business trip, or an all-out Barka da joy ride, picking the right option for your car rental will ensure the ride is comfortable and enjoyable.

Here are some simple steps to help you choose the right vehicle for your next car rental:

Step #1:

Count a number of people that will go with you on your trip. There are vehicles that are good for a group of four or five, groups of seven and even larger groups of 15. Ensure there are enough seats for everyone and if possible try to book for more to give everyone extra room especially on longer journeys.

Step #2:

Plan the things that you will bring with you on your trip. Some vehicles have limited loading capacity and are only good for carrying a certain weight. Research car specifications on the internet to know more about the loading capacities of the car that you will book.

Step #3:

Research the vehicle’s fuel type and fuel economy particularly if you are planning a longer trip. Sometimes a more fuel efficient vehicle can make all the difference on longer trips using a lot of fuel.

Step #4:

Check for some additional features you might need. Things like air-conditioning, power windows, window tinting, central locking, Bluetooth, stereo speakers and GPS navigation might be extras so check with your car rental company first before booking your vehicle to ensure they are included.

Step #5:

Always walk around the vehicle and inspect it for damage. Take photos or notes, recording any damage. It’s ok to refuse a vehicle, if you don’t feel comfortable, and request another vehicle.

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