Things You Should Know Before Renting a Car

Things You Should Know Before Renting a Car From The Amex Car Rental

Rent A Car Dubai has become a major trend in the past few years. In fact, rental cars have become a big business industry not only in Dubai but all throughout the UAE. So what is it that makes rental cars such a popular choice in this Middle Eastern part of the world? There are many people who assume that only foreigners or visitors to the country are the ones who hire rental cars during their stay in the country. This is, however, only half the truth because rental cars are a popular choice of traveling for the locals of Dubai and Emirates as well. The reason is quietly understandable as the locals find it

  • Cheaper to hire a car for rent than to purchase one as UAE is a very expensive part of the globe
  • Locals find that hiring cars for rent or lease is the only way for them to enjoy various different models of luxury vehicles which would otherwise be not possible

Famous Locations For Car Rentals

Since rental cars and lease cars are such a popular mode of traveling in the UAE, there must be many famous locations of the city that are more exposed to car rentals in comparison to other parts. This is surely true. Talking about Dubai alone, there are certainly some parts of it that are more popular and more commonly visited by people than other parts. These are the locations that are hands down more famous for car rentals too. A few common popular localities of Dubai for car rentals include

Things You Should Know Before Renting Car

Since the demand for rental cars has increased so much in the recent years, particularly in Dubai, there are a lot of companies that are investing in this business domain. Amex Car Rental is one top rental car service providers that are definitely dominating in this traveler’s zone. However, if you choose to hire services from Amex Car Rentals in Dubai; there are many things that you need to take into consideration before renting the vehicle. The things that are important to take into consideration before renting car services are highlighted briefly below. You can also have an insight into all the details about booking rental cars with Amex at

  1. Rental Cars Stay Within The UAE Territory

The first thing that the customers do not know about rental cars is that they do not go outside the UAE territory. Amex is offering rental and lease cars within Dubai so the cars need to stay within the Dubai city. It cannot be taken outside the border. In case of violation of this rule, strict charges are applicable on the customers.

  1. The Cars Are Not Insured

The cars that are available for rents and lease are not insured. This means that all cars need to be handled with a lot of care because any damage or loss to the property will be 100% refunded from the customer. The vehicles are not insured and the only reason for letting them be this way is to ensure that the customers do not manhandle them.

  1. Advance Payments Need To Be Made

Whenever you are making a booking for a car beforehand i.e. a few days earlier than needed; you will need to also make an advance payment. This will be a fraction of the total rental charges and is not refundable.

  1. Driver Must Come With a License

In order for you to hire a car on rent to drive around town and in case you are making the car bookings for without a chauffeur, you need to possess an approved driver’s license.

  1. Car Rentals Are Only For The Vehicles (No Added Services)

The listed car rental prices on hourly basis along with the vehicle on the website are only for car rents. If you want to add-on any luxury services to the rental cars for instance activated GPS system, baby car seats, car blinders or car maintenance this will all cost you additionally. You can contact the official customer care representatives to get the detailed information on all added services.

  1. Car Damages Would Be Penalized on Customers

As already mentioned above, any damage that comes to the vehicle as soon as it is given in possession of the customer will be penalized on them. To make sure you are not being charged unjustly, you need to double check for any damage to the car before you hire it for rent or lease. In case the car meets an accident while you are driving it and you are not responsible for the damage; you need to contact the officials without any delays and without moving the car from the spot.