Tips for Safe Driving –

Safety first! Regardless of whether it’s a long or a short drive, you SHOULD drive safely, most especially if you are with your family or friends. Needless to say, safety should always be a priority when you are hitting the road. Whether it’s a self-drive trip or you have a chauffeur to drive for you, it is your responsibility to be knowledgeable of the things that you should do while on a trip.

To help you out, here are some important safety tips that you should know the next time you drive.

Have enough sleep. 

Make sure that you have adequate sleep before driving. Restless drivers tend to become less focused on the road. Caffeinated drinks are not always advised because you are quite unsure of its effect, so 7-9 hours of sleep before hitting the road is still the best way to keep you alert while driving.

Prioritize the car condition. 

Properly check the tires, brakes, windows, wipers, car lights, and of course your gas gauge at least an hour before the time of your departure. This is to avoid accidents or car failures along the road. You also have to be aware of the gasoline stations along the way and always keep your mechanic’s hotline handy. This is also very applicable if you will rent a car. Do a safety and quality check first before driving the rented vehicle.

Obey traffic rules and warnings. 

One of the most common mistakes of drivers is not observing and following the traffic rules and road signs. Find time to search the internet for the different traffic signs and what they mean as well as the specific traffic regulations being implemented in the places you will go.

Don’t focus on your mobile phone. 

Dubai as it may sound, but for real, don’t text while driving. Some may argue that they use their mobile phone for applications like Waze or Google Maps, which is fine, but scrolling on Facebook, tweeting or posting on Instagram while driving as well as texting is not necessary. Focus on driving first, buddy.

Be aware of the golden rule. 

Do not drink and drive, please. As much as possible avoid drinking alcoholic beverages if you are about to drive. In case you cannot resist doing so, have someone else drive for you or just park your car somewhere and sleep there for at least 4-6 hours, to let the alcohol subside.

Turn the radio on. 

Since it not advisable for you to use your phone while driving, make your built-in AM/FM radio as your information savvy companion to keep you aware of the real time traffic situations. This will keep you informed on the road situations to avoid or the current implemented traffic rules in a specific location.

Stop on the right spot. 

In case you will need to pull-over, move your vehicle away from the road and as much as possible, manage to stop in the proper area. There are dedicated emergency areas where you can park your car if the need arises. Might as well call your mechanic immediately if there’s a machine failure or contact 911 for emergency purposes.

Needless to say but this is the most important one, buckle up for safety. 

Of course, you have to always remind all the people in your car to keep their seat belt buckled up. It is the most common driving safety tip because it is very important. Seat belts are made to at least lessen the risks of injury when an accident happens.

Moreover, it is also important for you to enhance your driving skills as you go on. Research for more things that you should do especially when you are about to take on a road trip. Car coding or is your car having a big problem? No need to worry, rent a car instead. You can even choose if you want to drive the rented vehicle yourself or have somebody to drive it for you. EAZY right?


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