Top 6 suggestions on Renting a Car

There are many reasons why you will rent a car, from a road trip with friends to getting supplies easily from A to B or simply as a replacement for your usual car that may be out of action. Whatever the reason,

here are some tips to help you select the right rental and drive away with the best set of wheels for your needs.

1. Do your research online. 

Browse the Internet for the best car rental companies available near you. Go through the website carefully and check the vehicles available, the rates and the terms and conditions of the service. Also check the documents required by the company, such as identification, bond payments etc. This should be available on the website for you to review before you make an inquiry.

2. Decide on your preferred vehicle. 

After checking the website of your chosen car rental company, the next step is choosing the type and model of the car that you will hire. Be aware of the capacity of the vehicle to ensure there are enough seats for all your passengers. Also be aware of the fuel type and consumption as vehicles with higher fuel consumption may add substation extra cost to your long trip away in the way of fuel. If you need to carry things, look for a vehicle with lots of boot space.

3. Choose the most convenient pick-up and drop off time. 

One more important thing about renting a car is the proper arrangement of the vehicle’s pick up and drop off time. Some companies can deliver the vehicle to your house so check with them first. It’s always important to return the vehicle at the time specified in your contract. This will avoid additional fees being incurred.

4. Read the rental contract, thoroughly. 

It is important that you are aware of the terms and conditions as well as the inclusions and the corresponding cost of your availed car rental service. It is very common in the Dubai to pay with the card that will be used to pay for repairs if the vehicle is returned damage at the end of hire. Check the terms and conditions before signing and make sure you are clear about your obligations. This will make your transaction smooth and easy.

5. Check the fuel policy. 

Most of the time the vehicle is provided to you with a full tank of fuel and it is expected that you will return it with the same amount of fuel. When you pick up your rental take note of the nearest fuel station so you can fill up there upon your return.

6. Inspect the rented vehicle before driving away.

Although you can be assured that most car rental companies, make sure that you will be using a well-conditioned and well-maintained vehicle, it is still your duty to properly know what damage (if any) the vehicle has before you leave. You should always sign a document acknowledging any damages to ensure you are not faulted for these upon your return of the vehicle. It is your responsibility to return the vehicle in good condition as it was when you took it away.

If you prefer to not have to worry about contracts and damage, you can always avail the chauffeur drive service where all the driving and worrying is done for you! For more information about the self-drive and chauffeur drive options available to you on your next car rental!