What to Do if You Have an Accident in the Rental Car?

If Accident Happened In The Rental Car, What to Do?

When driving a car we are always worried about getting in an accident of any sort. Despite what we tell ourselves, a car accident of any severity is bound to put a dent toy our travelling plans. When in your homeland, there are still chances of how you would handle any such situation given that you are driving your own personal car. This is not the case when you are visiting Dubai and travelling on one of the cheapest rental cars Dubai.

So, when you have an accident in one of your rental cars, here are a few steps that you need to take immediately.


No matter how bad the hot is, your first and foremost priority is and should be to get everyone who is with you to safety. Check to make sure that nobody is hurt and if is then rush to get them immediate medical attention. In fact, not only you, try to get everyone else who is involved out of harm’s way.

Contact the services

When you hire a car in Dubai and are driving it out on the roads, you need to know how the city operates. Thus, always keep the numbers of the related authorities with you. This would also include contacting the concerned departments in case you end up with an accident. They will not only handle this situation but provide emergency care to everyone who is involved. Being a tourist and not knowing much about the city, this is the best thing you can do.

Exchange details

For you to present your case to car rentals companies like Careeder-Car Rentals Dubai, you need to sit and talk to the other parties that are involved in the accident. Every story can have as many versions as there are people who are getting affected by it. Thus, for the best situation, you need to first exchange contact details with the other drivers and then decide on what really happened.

Another good approach to the situation would be to take proofs with you. This could begin by taking photographs if the scene that would work as an aid to the verbal explanation of the scene. Some other supported details would include

    • Name, color, and model of the damaged cars
    • Time and date when the accident occurred
    • A description of the weather conditions
    • A detailed account of the injuries that might be sustained.

Call Careeder- Car rentals Dubai

Once you are done with all the data collection, the next step that needs to be taken is for you to call the company you contacted to hire a car in Dubai. The car rental company should then be prompted to arrive at the scene of an accident and handle the expenses of the accidents.

Most of the car rental companies, have cars that are insured and fully covered by such unforeseen circumstances. Contacting them will help them figure out how they can get the insurance company to not bail and pay for the losses that are incurred.

It is in situations like these why the car rental companies come with insurances of the following types:

Collision damage

This has the company waive off any expenses that would result due to a collision. You might have to cover some of the costs for the internal damage to the car but as for the body, this insurance covers any damage it faces.

Protection from theft

With rental cars, we are always overly cautious about where we park them to avoid it getting stolen. It is this thought that often prevents people from hiring a car in Dubai. However, a good car rental in Dubai will have it covered for you.

Third party

During an accident, it is not only your car only which is getting damaged. This insurance will cover third-party damages so that you don’t have to pay for them.

If you ever get into an accident of any sort, make sure that you follow the steps given above. They will not only help you avoid any serious problem but also handle the expenses for you.