Getting the Cheap Car Rentals in Dubai is Not Hard Anymore

Getting the Cheap Car Rentals in Dubai is Not Hard Anymore


When we think Dubai, we think huge skyscrapers, lavish lifestyle, clear skies, peaceful and a glamorous environment.

While many definitions of what defines this amazing place for you might differ, there is something that compliments the beauty of this wonderland like nothing else does the perfect car.

While the majority of residents own different cars- from your everyday transporter to the revving supercar, tourists and locals alike, love dabbling into the four-wheel monsters and want to experience it. With that, comes the necessity of rentals.

In this article, we will talk about why car rental Dubai has become easy and convenient in the past decade or two, with an exponential increase in the stats.

It’s about convenience

In the past decade, as every decade before that, Dubai has seen a huge spike in businesses and tourism alike. When it comes to the rental industry, the business seems to be booming- from new entrepreneurial ventures and collaborations to more and more companies opening up to the idea of lending. With all the necessity and the expanding market, comes supply. That supply, followed by competition, gives need to convenience.

It’s about demand-and-supply

Convenience – this is what progress is all about. Getting a rental car in Dubai has become as easy as going to your favourite supermarket and getting a few groceries. Starting as low as around 42/dhs per day, numerous ventures are now catering to this need, resulting in a happy tourist experience. From companies like Careeder – Rent a Car Dubai to companies like Amexcars car rentals- locals and foreigners alike, have numerous options to choose from, subject to their needs and wants.

In addition to the everyday man who would rather prefer a rental car instead of paying huge taxi bills of facing public transport (which again, is good but nothing beats the convenience of an air-conditioned car), there is a huge business need for these cars in Dubai.

Businesses who need to carry out everyday work, like offer rides to their employees, send their employees to meetings and seminars, device and pick up documents, etc, also prefer rental over anything else. Few companies also prefer to hire monthly rental car in Dubai for their employees.

When it comes to picking a vehicle, the range spans from Chevrolet to Ferrari- nothing is an upper limit of how far you can go with your choices on these, because of the flexibility of the businesses, as well as the leniency provided by the authorities that support these businesses grow. From work to pleasure and from trips to adventure- there is a car for every occasion, and it is out there for rental at a very convenient price point!

It’s about features

In addition to the already balanced set of variables that are covered to give you a good experience, the car rental business has a lot more to offer than just deals. From chauffeur services and wide ranges of cars to customized services, special one-offs (like car rental for one day at convenient price points), discounts on various festivals and other seasons, the trade provides a lot of features for you to pick and choose from, just like any big business model would.

There are businesses in Dubai that also incorporate employed entrepreneurs and service providers alike in their network to cover every geographical location of the city, at almost any given point in time during the day. Statistics show that this has delivered a decrease in car-hailing preferences by local citizens and foreigners alike, as more and cheaper rental options are available, growing exponentially.

It’s about statistics

The other reason for rentals is the expenses that cabs incur. For a tourist, as well as for someone who must travel on a daily basis for business or personal reasons, the costs stack up to be more than what a weekly or monthly rental would provide them. The costs for rentals from a service like rent a car can go as low as around 80 AED (21 USD), on a per day basis.

Whenever a lease agreement is made, there are a few things that always need to be kept in mind, and statistics say that most of the rental companies provide a good, balanced mix of there. These start from the lease offers, the type of car (new or a used one that is in excellent condition), the car’s residual value, the total calculated interest rate, totality of the miles included, the drive-off fees and miscellaneous fees that incur subject to different situations/types of agreements (subjected to the offering and the time).

It’s about you

At the end of the day, Dubai is all about the experience. Whether you are a foreigner or a local, there is always so much to explore in Dubai. And what better to get you from point A to point B than a convenient four-wheeler that is light on the pocket and heavy on the value? With more and more cut-throat deals on almost every type of car you want, getting a good deal on rental cars in Dubai is not hard anymore!

The next time you are in Dubai, do not miss out on the infinite possibilities of choosing a car on rental to kill two birds with one stone- save the expense on taxi (and as a bonus, save the hassle of public transport options), and roll on in your preferred four-wheeler with grandeur to sightsee and move around this beautiful land of wonders!

All About Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai

All About Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai

The heart of the city, the Sheikh Zayed Road is the most famous among all the roads of the exciting city of Dubai. This road is said to be the main artery of Dubai that connects all its way to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is the main hub of the city with so many places of attractions it has to offer. Not only can you see the biggest shopping malls out there but also more than 30 five star hotels are located there. From the Sheraton Mall of the Emirates hotel to the famous Shangrila and the JW Marriot Hotel can be seen there. This part of the city is the most modern with high rise towers on each side of the road, the largest shopping Malls and coming down to the biggest fountain. This road has shown the real meaning of the word ‘Development’.

With all the attractions to explore, the Sheikh Zayed Road will be inconvenient without an outlet of a rental car company. There are more than millions of people crossing this road every day, and for their convenience, a car rental company is a must have to offer them with all the services needed.

It has been seen that all the hotels and shopping malls at this road have a car rental company located there. They are may be under the same company but different outlets or companies that are different from each other. With so much competition around, the car rental rates on this road are the cheapest if you compare them with other rental companies situated elsewhere. With the rates being so low, hiring a car from this road is the smartest as well as the easiest thing to do by anyone who is in need of a car to travel around to explore the city of Dubai.

Tourists from all over the globe are seen in a rush when they are at the Sheikh Zayed Road. With so many places to visit in a very short time of their stay in Dubai, the car rental companies make the whole process of hiring a car in Dubai very simple and less time-consuming. They value their client’s time. Any tourists wishing to hire a car from the Sheikh Zayed Road need to submit only a copy of their passport and a copy of their driving license. It is of no matter if the driving license is issued at a country outside of the United Arab Emirates. All the staffs working at the car rental companies on this road are friendly and will help you guide in hiring a car as quickly as possible.

Hiring a car is the easiest, because of the unique pick up and drop-off services from the car rental companies located there. People going around are mostly tourists and they come to visit the city of Dubai for a short time. If this is the case, then there is no need to hire cars that are offered on monthly basis. They can just hire cars for the days they are staying in Dubai.

Another great service offered by the car rentals at this place is the one-way pick-up service. Having so many branches of the same car rental company alongside the roads, one can easily get on a car from one branch and drop off the car at the next branch. This is the easiest if you are hiring a car on a daily basis. There is no need to drive all the way back to from where you have picked up your car for the need to just drop it off. You can simply go with the flow. How fantastic can this be?

Rental Cars at Sheikh Zayed Road gives you the privilege to hire a car at any time of the day you want. There is no time restriction and are open 24/7. They also provide services to visitors who are looking for monthly rental cars in Dubai. All you need is to show them a proof of your identity and you are ready to go and hit the roads. Car rentals at this place offer a car of various categories. Have you suddenly made a decision to go off-roading with your family? Car rentals at this road will have it ready for you in no time. They will provide you with the car that is best suited for off-roading and that too will include all your basic requirements. Car rentals have insurance coverage for all the cars available there. One of the greatest advantages anyone can receive is having their insurance paper with him or her while driving. In case of any sudden incident, they will know that are protected and safe. If you are a frequent traveller using the Sheikh Zayed Road then you should hire a car that has its insurance covered.

The demand of all the car rental companies at the Sheikh Zayed Road is increasing day by day along with the number of tourists visiting Dubai. The hospitality one receives from the people of Dubai is outstanding. They make sure that tourists are getting the services they require in the best way possible. And transportation to be the most crucial factor of all, people of Dubai gives car rental companies the greatest priority so that it can make it easy for everyone to have a smooth stay at the magnificent city of Dubai

Why Careeder is the Best Rent a Car in Dubai

Why You Prefer Careeder while your visit to Dubai

Is this your first time in Dubai? Are you confused of what transportation to use? Are you worrying about whether you can freely travel around the city of Dubai and plan to take a long family tour around the beautiful city of Dubai? Careeder being the number one rental car company in Dubai offers you with the best deals and packages that would make your stay in Dubai convenient and stress-free. If you are a resident of Dubai or a foreigner, Careeder- Car Rental Dubai serves you all. Not only does it provide cars to those who require a temporary one but also to those who do not own a car of their own and also to travellers who are away from their home. Apart from renting cars, Careeder also helps industrial companies by renting them vans and trucks or sometimes even scooters and motorcycles. Whatever vehicle you require, you are assured to get one from Careeder – Car Rentals Dubai.

Selecting your Car:

Careeder is said to be the best in Dubai because of the range of cars they provide. They offer world-class vehicles. They make sure that their clients get to ride a car that matches their preferences and requirements. They help to guide and provide its clients with cars that are best suited for the location they choose to go and more importantly a car that falls within their budget. Careeder –Car Rentals Dubai provides high-class vehicles of different categories. You can select from low hybrid cars like Small Hatchback, to midsize cars like Toyota Camry at relatively affordable prices. All you need to do is pick the class, type and rent the car model in order to enjoy your ride.

Documents to Provide:

Car leasing services provided by Careeder are quick and also very reasonable. Paper processes are not at all a hassle for foreigners to come and hire the vehicles. In order to benefit from their services, all you need to do is submit a copy of your passport or a driving license as a proof of your identity. The company has received their popularity due to the acceptance of nationals of specific countries like Europe countries mainly. The nationals of these countries can hire the rental car services during their visit to UAE and their original driving licenses will be accepted. Even if it is issued by the country they belong, it will not result in any problem.

Services Offered:

The services provided by Careeder Car Rentals Dubai have monthly rental cars offers that are very much convenient and flexible to deal with. They more often give clients special discounts. Careeder offers payment systems that are suitable for clients as they accept both debits as well as credit cards. You can make payments in ways that are suitable for you after you are done selecting a car for yourself. The vehicles available are from different manufacturers and brands. You will get to choose from low hybrid cars to luxurious one. All you need is to decide what purpose do you need the car and Careeder will sort out the rest. You are also given the liberty of changing vehicles whenever you feel like. Payment plans are made according to customers need. Careeder will provide you with payment plans where not only you can adjust the price by negotiating but you will also be given the flexibility to make payments at monthly basis. Since the plans are fixed on a monthly basis, you are free to cancel the agreement at the end of a month. Additionally, hiring a car on monthly basis in Dubai or making a perfect deal will give you the benefits of not being in any commitments.

Careeder Car Rentals is also unique for the services they provide. One-way car rental service has proved to be the best among them all. Under this service, the client is getting an advantage of picking up a rental car from the nearest Careeder’s location and dropping it off at different Careeder locations. This unique service gives client flexibility and provides them with the best deals and packages they hardly can ignore. The one-way car rental service is an ultimate option if you suddenly feel to escape from the busy city life and plan for a road trip. This service is also convenient for people who need to attend business meetings that are set at the different location. Careeder is also famous for its free pick up rental car service. You get to be picked up and dropped off to places by the nearest Careeder Rental Car Pick Up Service. A Careeder car is always kept ready at your nearest neighbourhood location.

Why Choose Careeder:

Outlets of Careeder are located and seen at all the major airports and also at every corner of the city making it convenient for tourists as well as residents living in Dubai. Careeder has many outlets in the United Arab Emirates. Careeder also provides its client with unlimited free mileage and there is no separate drop off fees. These cars also keep on offering with complementary services. Travellers who book their cars in advance through Careeder are able to plan their trip in advance, know that it is confirmed to get the cars they want and know they will have it soon as they step off the plane. When you arrive at the airport, you will have your car wait for you. Passengers who have not booked their cars from before can benefit from the services provided on the outlets at the airport. They have packages and the best deals customized only for you. This means that you won’t end up searching for one after a long tiring flight. Careeder – Car Rentals Dubai will for sure make your vacation smoother than ever.

Some of rental cars that is present on Careeder platform are Chevrolet Cruze, Hyundai Elantra, Nissan Tiida, Toyota Yaris Sedan, Nissan Micra, Mitsubishi Mirage and many more at very affordable and cheapest rate in Dubai. You can view more cars HERE

Careeder Car Rental Dubai Company has been growing by the demands of its customers. It helps your rental experience effortless and manageable in the city of Dubai. Moreover, Careeder offers you with the finest rates available for you to hire a car or any kind of vehicle.

Are you Looking to Hire a Car for Family Tour

Hire a Car for Family Tour

Are you recently getting ready for a family vacation in Dubai? Is it the first time you are travelling with your family to Dubai? If this is the case, then yes it is quite difficult to hire a car in Dubai when you get to see a variety found in markets. What you first look for is whether it is comfortable and includes all that you need to make your trip a fun and memorable one. Each one of you may have different preferences and may choose a car that you find would best fit for the places you go to with your entire family. Firstly, you need to consider how many people would be travelling with you, for how long your road trip is going to be and lastly the locations you have set as your destinations. You also would want to listen to the recommendations of your family members. At the end of the day, you don’t want to feel disappointed hiring a car that is not within your budget and most importantly not liked by your family. Once you know all your needs and requirements, you are absolutely ready to go.

Everyone tends to be more practical when they want the perfect car for a family tour instead of looking at which manufactured cars they are from or what brand it is. One of the factors they look for is the interior space and capacity of seats available in the car. To satisfy the needs of your entire family, the first thing to look for when choosing one is whether you can fit everyone in your car. You would not want to share seats with anyone and make the entire trip more uncomfortable. Another point is that you would then look for how efficient it is in terms of the consumption of fuel. You wouldn’t want to waste your money on unnecessary consumption of fuel. And if you have kids, you would most importantly want a car with great safety features. You would definitely not take any risks in buying cheap cars with no safety features and result in serious accidents.

A small hatchback is famous in Dubai for families consisting of two to four members for an example. For families of more than three members, a midsize Sedan would be a nice choice. It is nice and spacious. Therefore considering the capacity of passengers in a car should be kept in mind before hiring a car in Dubai for a family tour. You want to carry your children on your lap and spoil the entire trip for you as well as your children. And since recently a law in UAE has been published where it says that it is mandatory to make your children who is four years of age and less be seated on baby car seats, it is important for you to check on the number of seats available in your car. You would not want to go against the law and get yourself from receiving receipts during your family tour. There are also other safety features that you would want in your car especially when travelling with children. To hire a car in Dubai for a family tour, you should always check with your car rental agency in Dubai to have safety features added in that are advanced in technology and easy to use. You do want a user-friendly car during your trip.

Another important factor is the consumption of fuel or diesel. If you are planning for a long family tour across the various destinations of Dubai and want to spend an amount that is within your budget and not so expensive, it is quite difficult to select a car that uses less fuel and will save your money. Fuel prices have been fluctuating in Dubai for the last couple of years and families with a minimum budget think of it as a huge factor to consider when looking for a car to hire for family tours.

For example in Dubai, the best option to buy is the hybrid cars. Also, the electronic cars are popularly known and used in Dubai. And the use of these electronic cars in Dubai gives a huge advantage to save your budget resulting from the high prices of fuel.

There are many other cars that are liked by the travellers in Dubai like Mitsubishi Mirage, Hyundai I10, CHEVROLET SPARK – BRAND NEW 2018, Toyota Yaris, Kia Cerato (Full Options) are frequently hired and used for long trips. But there are categories of cars to choose from that will help a traveller to make their decisions and their trip worthwhile. Among the categories are the hybrids cars, midsized and the luxury cars. To hire a car simply for a family tour, the midsized cars are the best option to select from.

Out of all the cars available at the car rental companies, the most liked ones are the midsized SUV Subaru and the midsized SUV Kia Sorento. If the person is looking for something spacious and functional then an SUV is the right one for their family tour in Dubai. This particular car is safe to drive on the roads of Dubai and handling is easy if you are hiring and driving one for the first time. This is also a friendly car and the most comfortable one for passengers up to four to five. When you are planning a long vacation with your family and kids, these midsized cars are available at a relatively lower price, which will definitely fall within your budget. Though this car is preferred for short trips, this is indeed an elegant choice loved by your family. An SUV is a great choice for a family tour especially in Dubai where you have so many destinations to visit and if the trips are longer in length. Many rental car agencies also provide cars on lease and on monthly basis in Dubai, So if you want Monthly rent a car in Dubai, you can easily fulfill your desire.

If you know all your requirement and needs before you plan your trip, by bearing in mind of your necessities any car rental agency in Dubai will be at your service helping you to pick and select the best car available for your family tour.

4 Things to Know Before you Visit Dubai

Before Visiting Dubai, YOu Must Know These Things

If you want to experience a country full of glamour, where you will be surprised to see and experience some extraordinary things like machines of gold bars and police vehicles that are not just any normal cars but are the latest models of name brand cars, then Dubai is the right place for you. Dubai is also said to be a city where you are welcomed with great hospitality. As people from all over the world believe Dubai to be the worlds best tourist spot, it is ensured that you are receiving world’s best treatment by the people living there. UAE never leaves anyone feels empty when they return back home. The feeling of staying a life of luxury, the services received, and the choices of activities to do will definitely make you want to go back and explore more.

With so many things to know about the glamorous city of joy, there are four things that you must know before you travel to Dubai:

Safety and Security

The United Arab Emirates is said to be the safest country and Dubai is one city where the laws are highly strict. There is absolutely zero percent criminal records. The city moreover has an excellent police force and under their supervision, no one dares to commit anything wrong. Even if it is a public place, on the streets or inside the hotels, tourists should be very careful in committing anything wrong and out of the rules and regulation. In Dubai, the women are abided from a different law that they need to follow. If you belong to a country where you have the liberty to be free and live the life you want, it is not the same here in Dubai. There are certain rules and regulation you have to follow.

Dubai’s Rich Culture

To begin with, it is mandatory for you to know about the rich culture and lifestyle of Dubai. If you want to know in depth about the history of the Islamic background, then Dubai is the right place for you. It is, in fact, a place that is contemporary, but at the same time to respect and honor the culture of the Muslims and their way of living, visitors coming from different parts of the world consider to behave well and choose to wear the right and appropriate clothes where necessary. Tourists should also know that the weather is hot almost all year round, swimming costume are allowed to be worn on the beaches and hotel swimming pools.

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For the culture of Dubai, an important and significant role is played by their religion. You will get to see the beautiful mosques at every corner of the city. You will also be mesmerized to hear the beautiful call to prayers known as Azaan. This is the time where everyone gathers around together to say special prayers.

Moreover, in a city like Dubai, alcoholic beverages are not offered at every restaurants or hotel. Only the restaurants and bars that are entitled can sell alcoholic drinks and beverages. If you want to celebrate your day with a drink, you should know from before the places where alcoholic beverages are available. You should also know that you would be strictly fined if you show a behavior that is not acceptable to be decent in public places.

It is also a culture with many festivities that are celebrated. Every tourist plans to visit Dubai during the month of Ramadan. During this month residents as well as tourists are not allowed to drink or eat anything in front of everyone in public places. However, they are only allowed to eat or drink at particular areas or inside of their own homes. During the month of Ramadan, you are also advised to wear decent clothes.

A Paradise

Thirdly, Dubai is a place of paradise. With so many activities to do, it makes it hard for the tourists to choose from. You will get to experience the different sorts of cuisine starting from Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and European to many more. The variety of food you can have is unbelievable and that too of great taste and quality. The most famous out of all the dishes are the falafel and camel meat. These are something to definitely try and not miss.

Dubai is just the right place if you want to experience a holiday that you would want to cherish forever from deep within your heart. With so many exciting tourist attractions, Dubai has been growing steadily and has turned to be the largest global city. Each year thousands of people from every corner of the world choose to come to Dubai because of all the activities it has to offer, whether it’s the landmarks, exhibitions, shopping or even the amazing nightlife.

The top places of Dubai to visit are the Palm Jumeirah Beach, Burj Khalifa, Atlantis Hotel, The Miracle Garden and of course the Desert Safari. There are certainly best car rentals in Dubai available to ease your trip. They provide 24*7 services to their customers, Visitors can also hire a car on the monthly or weekly basis in Dubai.

With so many activities to do, the best one is to take the Dubai Palm Cruise Tour. To experience the magnificent view of the Palm Jumeirah you should book the one-hour guided tour. During this time you can also get to see the manmade palm fronds as well as the five-star hotels. This is definitely something not to miss. Other than all of these The Ferrari theme park, which is the world’s largest indoor park is a place to go and see.

Manmade Beauty

Lastly, you will be startled to know about the things that are simply manmade and can be seen on the land of Dubai. Since Dubai isn’t lucky to have its own natural beauty, they were blessed to have these amazing ideas to make their own manmade environmental beauty. They have utilized their resources in the best way possible and created places that are incredible. Tourists from all over the world should know of the details of the fountains and islands that are all artificial. And with all these to know before you go to Dubai, it is guaranteed that you can make this trip of yours to be the best one.

Rent a Car from JLT

Rent a Car from JLT Through Careeder

Dubai is a city that is quite popular for its high-class life and the quality of luxury it provides. Being in the city is an experience of its own.

Are you in the luxurious city of Dubai and looking for the best way to roam around in the city? Why not rent a car? 

Yes, you can easily get rental cars in JLT. Cars that are affordable, economical and which will give you the best of experiences. Thus, forget about the old and boring methods of communication and rent a car from JLT, now.

Reasons to rent a car from JLT

JLT  offers the some of the cheapest car services. So you don’t need to worry about your bank balance at all, you are going to have some of the best deals.

There are various companies to choose from. JLT has a number of car rental service providers and hence, you can look up all of them and choose from whichever you find the best.

The competition offers best offers. Due to the presence of numerous companies in the market, there is a huge competition amongst them which makes them come up with newer and more exciting offers constantly. There constant will to outshine the other might come as handy and grab you the most pocket-friendly offers.

Variety of models including the latest ones can be found there. Most of the big fishes in the market have a huge fleet of cars which include some of the star models. So if you are a lover of four-wheelers, you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to get your hands on some of your dream cars. So go, rent a car from JLT.

Duration of the service doesn’t matter. It’s okay if you want a car for a day or two, and also if you want it for a week or two. And yeah, it’s okay even if you want to hire a car for a month or two. No matter how long it is. You can easily rent a car there.

The packages can be changed according to your need and budget. Yes, no matter which car you want or for how long, the packages here are flexible and can be amended as it is suitable for you.

No need to go out and get exhausted. If you’re worried that you might need to visit all the car rental service providers and then choose one, you’re very wrong. The service providers are all online, you can check their websites and even contact them through calls. They will provide you with all the information very patiently. You can even do the bookings online and get your car delivered to your doorstep.

The cars are very well maintained and totally clean, along with the insurance. So no point worrying about any legal or health issues.

The services are available 24*7. Even if it is the dead of the night or the crack of the dawn, you can easily book a car and get it done at your doorstep. The service providers here understand that there’s no specific time when you might need a car, and thus they offer their services all through the day and night.

How to book a car?

If you want to book a car, just go online and ask for it. Click on links provided and you will get all the details and information you must require. Fill in your details and choose the package. After selecting the day and time when you want the car to be delivered, you just need to keep patience and wait will then. You will see how punctual they are in their services when you get the car delivered to your doorstep at exactly the time you mentioned.

Therefore, wait no more. rent a car from JLT and get ready to experience the breathe taking drives across the city, only to be mesmerized by the amazing skyscrapers and the beauty of the city.

Is it Better to Reserve a Rental Car in Advance?

Reserve a Rental Car in Advance

The car rental agencies have been growing by leaps and bound. To make your car rental experience effortless and manageable in the city of Dubai, known as the city of wheels, the right decision would be to book your car in advance. Searching the Internet beforehand will seem like a no-brainer but you will have plenty of time to shop around and pick the finest rates available for you. Booking online will act as a bonus for considering the rates on any vehicles you wish to drive without the inconvenience of having a salesperson forcing you through, which some tourists find it infuriating. As a result, it will definitely save you more time.

Booking in advance will also give the chance of obtaining any special discounts offers available online and will result in saving your money. Rates will vary according to different car companies depending on the availability of vehicles used in different locations and furthermore you can check the quality and condition of the car beforehand. If you fix your vacation to an exciting and high paced tourist and business destination, renting a car in advance would be your idol choice.

To make your travel dollars a fortune, one of the best ways for is by making advance booking a prepaid rental car. By booking your car rental in Dubai in advance you will be entitled to some of the best deals on the busy market of Dubai, where tourists come together to attend and celebrate the amazing Car festivals and Motor shows. You will not only love the price, you will also love the advantages of availing the opportunities to experience an incredible pleasure of a luxury drive according to your affordability, desire and needs.

There are a number of factors you can benefit from reserving a car rental in advance. Tourists and business people usually wish to taste new experience while choosing cars and booking in advance gives you the chance of selecting from the wider choices by comparing the rates of all of the car rental suppliers and let you see what the best rates are. As all experienced tourists around the globe says, the best time to get a great deal is booking your car at least two to three weeks before you plan to leave for your trip.

There is nothing worse than arriving in a foreign country and realizing your car isn’t ready. Travelers who book their cars in advance are able to plan their trip in advance, know that they will be able to get the cars they want and know they will have it soon as they step off the plane. When you arrive at the airport, you will have your car wait for you, which means that you won’t end up searching for one after a long tiring flight. No additional fees will be needed upon collection of your vehicle. It will for sure make your vacation smoother than ever.

Public transport is undeniably a comfortable mode of transport but it still can’t prove to be as functional as a rented vehicle, especially, when you are in a mood for off-roading in Dubai’s very famous Liwa Oasis. And for adventurous experiences like this, you would definitely want to book a fully serviced vehicle in advance.

Apart from all these, you would definitely want to celebrate your vacation in style. There are several agencies that provide a car rental for special occasions. It could be your birthday, anniversary, or just a lavish dinner with your family, showing up in a fancy vehicle to the party can always up the experience and end up feeling like a celebrity.

Renting a car in a city full of luxurious hotels, vast malls, towering buildings, and a skyline with a breathtaking view would be the best way to ensure you don’t miss a thing when in Dubai. Careeder is one of the best rental car agency in Dubai having number of cars at the affordable price and they also ensure their customers to have a safe journey, Now it is also easy with Careeder to book or hire a car on monthly basis for your family

Regardless of whether you need to rent a car for work or for pleasure, the fact remains that there are some best rent a car practices.

Better to have Rental Insurance:

A lot of things tourists get charged for, which is really out of the car rental companies control, are airport taxes and concession fees which can add up to say 25% of the rental car charge. To avoid the expenses crossing your budget and also at your own personal choice you can take the rental insurance. If you have a car and your personal car insurance, you have a very good chance that you have a clause in there that will cover and provide you protection against any losses incurred as a result of traffic accidents, injury caused by the vehicle to other people or any other obligation.

The Inspection Day:

Another best rent a car practice is to be present during the Inspection day. When it is time for you to drop off your rental car at the end of your vacation, the company will have your car inspected. The reason of this inspection is to make note of any damage. This way, any damage that was not present when you picked up your vehicle will be in your accountability.

Re-fuelling your vehicle:

One final thing to consider when returning your rental car is to have a full tank of gas or fuel. Most car rental companies will require that you return the vehicle with a full tank of gas. Otherwise, you’ll be charged a price per gallon to the rental car agency to refill the car for you. It’s not uncommon for these prices to exceed 1.43AED per liter, even if local gas prices are much lower. Therefore, you’ll want to save yourself the hassle and additional cost by simply stopping at a gas station and filling up your rental car just before you return it to the agency.

As you can see, there’s a lot to keep in mind when you’re looking to rent a car for any period of time. By taking the time to book in advance and follow best rent a car practices, it is guaranteed that you will be in good shape and enjoy your vacation in the heart of Dubai, the largest and the most popular city in the United Arab Emirates.

How To Get Discount on Rental Cars

Whether you are a tourist or a resident of the area, rental cars are becoming more popular and preferable by the day. Rental cars offer you more options, less costs and the ability to have a car only when you need one. Rental cars in Dubai can be a tricky area to set foot in as prices are never the same everywhere. The best car rental company in Dubai can be right around the corner and you would not know it. Here are a few useful ways to get rental car discounts and save you some much needed cash.

  1. Exclusive Rates: Many times there are rates for people of a certain job, area or period of booking. For example there may be a special price of AED 1350 rather than AED 1500 for the same vehicle if you are a teacher. These rates will not be told to you upfront a lot of the time and you should consider doing some information digging by visiting the company website and searching for special rates, discounts and codes that can be used.
  2. Avoid Insurance: A lot of the time people, without knowing any better, add on the cost of insurance to their rental car. A lot of the time, your credit card or travel insurance already covers you for damage. Unknowingly new renters go for a costlier plan that will not be of use to them. If you do choose to follow this tip, it would be wise to bring a copy of your insurance as proof since car rental companies have started to ask for it before handing you the keys.
  3. Discounts based on Location: Depending on your location, costs can differ but so can discounts. Companies at times allow their users a discount based on the location they are traveling to popular locations such as tourist spots or hotels offer a less costly version of the same distance. You could easily check for discounts by visiting the attraction, accessing their website or calling them. They will immediately inform you on any discounts available and how to go about getting them. The Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, The Dubai Fountain and more are examples of what could be a great discount if you decide to make a call and ask.
  4. Special Membership Programs: Many car rental companies offer discounts to frequent users. Once you collect a certain amount of miles or points on your membership, you will automatically be eligible for a discount or a free ride. This also allows you to stick with the same company and form a great relationship with them so they notify you on further discounts available.
  5. Prepay: The price of your rental car will go down drastically if you decide to prepay your way into the buy. If you feed in your card details and allow a more hassle-free process for the company by paying before you walk in, they will show their appreciation by lowering your costs. This can be done online when you are sure you need to hire the car on monthly basis in Dubai or for a certain amount of time. on a certain date
  6. Rent directly: Renting directly from the website of the company allows you to maneuver around unnecessary middleman fees and also helps you find the best rate available. The price on site will be more trustworthy as well as you will be dealing with the company providing the car to you and not a large online connector.
  7. Never Rent at the Airport: The moment you land you will be tired, jetlagged and ready to make bad decisions. There will be a dozen car rentals outside the airport taking advantage of this fact and asking you for an astronomical price, knowing you are a tourist and unaware of what is a great deal. Research has shown that tourists pay three times the amount if they book at the airport rather than hire a car in Dubai online.
  8. Go small: Booking a smaller model that is cheaper can save you money and since the cheaper models are in high demand, there will be times when the company will give you a costlier car at the same price. This is dependent on your luck and time of the year, but it is a great way to pay less and get more. So try to hire the cheapest car for rent.
  9. Rent for longer: There are constant schemes available if you book for a longer period of time like if you want to hire a car on the monthly or weekly basis. The best car rental company in Dubai will have offers that can be used by just about anyone depending on their needs. A Toyota Corolla can be rented at AED 1800 a month rather than an even higher price for a three-week rental. It would be a good idea to compare costs even if you are not using the car for the entire period. Most times, the difference is so huge that renting for a longer period can be more financially smart than renting on a weekly basis.
  10. Social Media Discounts: Companies are constantly looking to grow their social media following to capture more of the market. If you agree to like, follow, share or comment on a post or page there are discounts available at times. You can try this method by simply visiting their social media profiles and looking for any offers they may have posted. This will also give you a good idea on what cars they offer and allow you to go through reviews to make an informed decision.

So even though a Toyota will remain a Toyota, AED 3000 could change to become AED 1800, saving you a significant amount.  Money can be saved if you look hard and take some time before renting. Booking in advance and visiting company websites help you get a better deal. Planning in advance is always the best way to go about anything and that includes renting. Dubai offers some amazing attractions and knowing where to rent will save you a lot of money and time while you get there.

10 Best Cars for Rent for Small Family

Cars for Rent for Small Family

When going on a family holiday we often forget the amount of travel we will be doing and rely on taxis and public transport due to lack of planning and no options. Booking a car in advance is a great way to save money on transport and have a more comfortable alternative to travel as a family. This also helps give you a safer mode of travel that is a huge boon if you have kids. Booking your own car is not only cheaper than taxis and public transport but also more comfortable. Entering the world of car renting can be daunting as there are many options and finding the rate, car and offer that suits you best is important. As a small family, there are cars that are best suited to your needs and a cheap car rental helps you save a lot of travel money. Here are a few options to look at if you are searching for a good deal.

  1. Volkswagen Golf Hatchback:

    The award-winning car from a trustworthy company is a great bet for anyone with kids as it has a spacious interior which allows children to sit comfortably. A boot with ample space also allows you to travel comfortably while carrying whatever you need without a lack of space being an issue. This car is also high on safety measures and is economical at the same time. This car has an average rental price of 250 AED per day and you can get it cheaper if you book for a longer period of time.

  2. Mazda 3 Hatchback:

    This model has a great interior that gives you a lot of space and is also cheap car rental option for you. It is a sleek car that has been on the road for a while and is trusted by many. You can rent this model at an average cost of 100 AED per day and it can go down to as low as 2100 AED a month if you book in advance.

  3. Ford-B-Max:

    This is a relatively new model and has a smaller build. It has a lot of space and has multiple safety measures such as airbags, emergency brake assistance and more. Airbags for side, knee and curtain provide parents with much needed safety for their children and themselves. The engine is cheap to run and it is an overall good car to take with you on tourist attraction visits.

  4. Skoda Octavia:

    This is a not exactly a fun car but it is within budget and has some great features. It also has a lot of rear space and has also scored 4 stars on the NCAP safety test. The safety measures depend on the model you go for but it is a great car. The price is very similar to the Mazda 3 Hatchback and is around 1950 AED a month.

  5. Audi A3 Sportback:

    If you have a good budget and a taste for the good life and speed. The Audi A3 Sportback is a great car for families that want to move fast and in style. It has a lot of storage space and is sleek to look at. It has a fiver star score in regard to the Euro NCAP. Safety and space is not all it offers as it has a boot that can fit all your shopping bags and suitcases no matter where you are going.

  6. Ford Focus:

    The Ford Focus is a classic that can be trusted and needs no introduction. It is a classy looking car and has high quality materials and good safety measures such as airbags. The maintenance cost is also good as range of options such as diesel and petrol are offered. Performance on the road is above average and it can fit a family comfortably. The Ford Focus has been on the road since 1998 and has been trusted ever since. The engine is powerful and it has a durable interior. It also has extremely high ratings from previous users.

  7. Nissan Leaf:

    This is an electric alternative and can fit everyone in comfortably. It is a recent addition to the market and has an eight hour charging time. It is a cute car for a small family and an environmentally friendly travel agent. The car can comfortably fit five people and has a 147 horsepower. It is the world’s best selling electric car and has a range of features to make your journey more comfortable. Emergency braking and ProPilot Assist makes your travel safe.

  8. Opel Meriva:

    The model that puts a lot of other to shame with its excellent design, the Opel Meriva makes fitting a child inside a car much easier than before. The interior of the car is solid as well and kids playing around behind should not be an issue. It has a five star safety rating and multiple features such as three seatbelts in the rear and collapsible steering column.

  9. Volvo V40:

    The Volvo has some great engines available and is also low on cost which makes running the car far more economical. It is also an incredibly good looking car that is spacious as well. It scored 98% for adult occupant protection and has similar impressive scores to its name. The Euro NCAP tests for the Volvo V40 are consistently pleasing and it lives up to its good name. It is designed for the city and has a great cabin experience to look forward to.

  10. Hyundai i30 Hatchback:

    The Hyundai with its sexy look and interior with great material is definitely easy on the eyes. It offers storage and space for your kids. You can fit just about anything in the boot of the car and the material of the car is extremely comfortable while being ready for your kids. It’s on-road performance is impressive to say the least and it has a five-star safety rating giving you additional assurance. It is refined and impressive for any purpose.

Reasons Why You Should Avail Car Rental Services

Top reasons why you should avail car rental services by Apex Rent-a-Car

As it is an already known fact rental cars have become a very popular traveling trend in the UAE in recent past few years. Apex Rent-A-Car is just another popular addition to the endless Rent a Car Dubai services. The best thing about this rental car services is that you can trust it for being the best in terms of value for money, quality of services and fleet of vehicles as well. In this content below, we review the top reasons why we think it is definitely important that you avail the car rental services from Apex if you are in Dubai. Everything that makes it an unmatched service is elaborated further below. However, before that allow us to introduce Apex car rentals briefly first.

About Apex Car Rentals

Apex Car Rentals and lease vehicle providers is a comprehensive professional service provider company that is working since 2009. In an almost a decade of its successful operations all through Dubai, Sharjah and other major parts of the UAE – this company has surely won itself a very positive reputation amongst the customers. The first thing that comes into perspective for this company is that it is a client-centered company. It has been around for almost a decade now and has been successfully involved in meeting the commercial and individual needs of potential customers.

Affordable Services

Apex car rentals are centrally based in the Bur Dubai and are successively operating all throughout major localities of Dubai. One of the most popular and in-demand services that it offers is Mall of Emirates Car Rentals that offers on-location pick and drop services. It is offering high-quality rental car services in the most affordable price range. So far it has been involved in serving up to more than 100,000+ happy customers. For client testimonials; you can look them up at

Quality is First at Apex

Apex rental cars have a team of certified professionals working with them. The team is directly involved in making the service providers superior and efficient in its functionality. It puts a lot of frameworks and thought into each category of lease and rent vehicles services that it offers. The company is a firm believer that it is only quality that can keep their services on top of the competition. Hence, quality of services is not compromised on at all. Clients are offered the best services at the most competitive rates.

Reasons to Avail Apex Car Rental Services

There are several reasons that make apex car rental services seem like a great choice for potential users. Without further ado, let’s jump into highlighting the top services that should attract you and make you avail these services right away i.e. if you have been looking for rental cars in Dubai off lately.

  1. Doorstep Pick & Drop

Whenever you book a car, you do not need to go to pick up the rental car. Instead, you can easily just make an online booking or booking via telephone and the hired vehicle will be dropped to your doorstep. In case you have hired the services along with the driver, he will pick you up from your exact location.

  1. Around-the-Clock Customer Assistance

One of the best things about Apex is that it offers around-the-clock constant assistance to all customers. This means that the customers get help anywhere within Dubai on one phone call from the expert team at Apex. If your rental car breaks down in the middle of the road, for instance, you can easily contact the customer service team to provide help.

  1. Customer Car Choice

There is a large fleet of well-maintained cars of a different price range that are available at an apex. The customers get the chance to choose the vehicle that he wants to lease or rent personally. For maximum available choices, it is best that you make your booking in advance.

  1. Add-on Personalized Services

The company gives you the chance to add-on services to personalize the car ride. This will, of course, cost you additionally but you can get a chance to add-on services as per your personal preference. The benefit of this is that you do not have to pay a high cost for basic services.

  1. Latest Models Available

All latest models of cars are made sure to be included in our fleet of cars. This gives the chance to customers to enjoy all latest model cars from all renowned and popular brands. This is one of the main reasons why locals of UAE prefer to rent cars rather than buy.

  1. Affordable Price Range

All services that are offered at Apex are being offered at an unbelievably affordable price range. Apex car rentals are most popular for offering vehicles at the most competitive price range.