Best Places to Visit in Oman

Don’t Forget to Visit These Place During Your Oman Visit

Even though Oman is quite a small country but it has few of the most incredible attractions that seem to be filling the whole of its cities, towns, and villages entirely. Ranging from its own natural beauty, its genuine architecture, and even the unique culture practiced here, Oman is an amazing spot for all of these. Few of the best places that must be visited in Oman which might even require you to hire a car in Oman are enumerated below.

    • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Muscat:

Most people choose their trip in Oman to begin at its capital, Muscat, starting with the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. This is a beautiful mosque built with modern architecture and has a space available for 20,000 worshippers. The excessive main prayer hall has a great chandelier, blue mosaic tiles with complicated detailing as well as the second largest Iranian rug in the world which is handmade and the result of the hard work of 600 women to weave in four years.

    • Mutrah Corniche, Muscat:

A tourist must hire a car to travel to the other end of Muscat right before sunset to see the Mutrah Corniche. One may join the locals for wandering along the gorgeous seafront where the mosques and white buildings are supported by forts and rocky mountains that shine golden right before sunset, in the late afternoon light.

One may even shop in the narrow streets of the Mutrah Souq. This is among the oldest markets of Oman offering frankincense and myrrh, ceramic incense burners, silver jewelry, pashminas, turbans, genie lamps, fluffy camels etc.

    • Salalah:

Salalah is a city situated in a region called Dhofar in the southern part of Oman. In reality, however, it is mostly known to be among the famous natural paradises of Oman, particularly during the monsoon season (called Khareef season) which normally extends from July to September each year. During this season, Salalah along with its mountains gets entirely covered with green plantations, and the refreshing drizzling never stops. Therefore, any visit to Oman is incomplete without visiting the beautiful and unique Salalah.

The importance of Salalah lies in the fact that it is the ancestral home to the Sultan Qaboos who was ruling in Oman since 1970. There is a lot to appreciate in the Salalah. From the incredible Qaboos Palace and the older architecture of the Old Town called the Haffa. You may even visit the Al Baleed Archaeological Site. Salalah is particularly famous for its frankincense trade so it is a must that you pick some souvenirs from the souk in the Haffa.

    • Nizwa:

Nizwa has many places to visit like the animal and vegetable market, the castle with Old Portuguese cannons, the old town and the potteries which you may travel to having hired a car. There is an amazing view from the top of the castle. You may also visit the Falaj canal system which is known to supply water to the oasis listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

Nizwa was actually the capital of Oman in the 6th and 7th centuries. Nizwa is best known for its incredible fort which was built under the direction of Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya’ribi. The most prominent aspect of the Nizwa fort is the massive cylindrical tower. It has some fascinating defense mechanisms, such as the honey traps and windows for shooting the upcoming enemies.

    • Musandam Fjords:

The Musandam Peninsula is the Northern part of Oman. It is detached from the remaining part of the country by the United Arab Emirates. A number of regions of this region are quite inaccessible and have also been the home to residents in mountain villages and coastal communities for a long period of time. This site stretches north and offers remarkable views. The most prominent things in the Fjords include boat trips to explore the coasts and crests rising up from the water, seeing dolphins from a Dhow, or an old-fashioned Omani boat, or scuba diving out at the sea. This region is among the best places to visit in Oman for nature lovers because of an extensive wildlife!

Rent a car in Oman and make Oman the next destination for you to visit if you’re fascinated by desert landscapes, farfetched mountain ranges, historic forts and warm beaches throughout the year!

Top 5 Shopping Malls in Oman

Famous Shopping Malls in Oman

When touring the Arabian Peninsula, Oman does not go out of sight. With its desert filled terrain with occasional oasis and abundant coastlines, Oman has a lot to offer as tourist bait.

However, Oman showed up on my visiting list when my husband had a business tour up on his sleeves and I decided to tag along. We decided to hire a car from Dubai as stopping at the embassy for on-arrival visas and currency exchange was on the task list. Plus, with our eight-month-old daughter on board, I did not mind an extra helping hand. With my husband’s packed business schedule after I was dropped at the Ibis hotel in Muscat, I could not resist but search for the top shopping malls around to spend my day. Outdoors were too hot in July, and I did not want either of us (I and my daughter) to get sick. Here is a list of my experience which won’t disappoint you at all.

    • Muscat Grand Mall

Located in Dohat Al Adab Street, Muscat grand mall was nearest from my location. All I had to do was rent a car in Oman, tell the location and there I arrived safe, sound and happy with no hassle. This two-storied mall had a lot to offer. From 150 brand stores and service shops, an Arab souk, a huge food court with vast to-eat options, cinemas and a kid’s fun area with rides and games, everything was engaging and worth returning to. The best part was yet to come: the second floor offered an amazing view to the seas, something which came as an extra pleasure in this heat.

    • City Center, Seeb

This city center came up on my list as I moved away from the traditional Muscat (i) choice. It was no different than other city centers located in the UAE and Muscat itself. Swarmed with 160 international retail stores and 24 dining outlets, it had a lot to roam around, window shop (and buy), and keep busy. The Magic planet was like a cherry on the top as my daughter’s giggles and excitement knew no limit. However, with her on my hand, I could not visit the VOX cinemas which I am sure were nothing down the entertainment list.

    • Oman Avenues Mall

The location at Sultan Qaboos road claims the heart of the city, and it sure is it. The largest and most popular mall with its overwhelmingly vast shopping stores options (150 to be exact), a humungous food court, a cinema and the fun area Funtazmo, had visitors come in as bees. The gym and bowling area were an added attraction while I actually laid my hands on some of the bowling skills as my husband took care of the baby (a sigh of relief after a full busy working day). The aroma of the coffee lifting up the entire ambiance of the mall is sure not to be missed.

    • Centre Point

With locations in several Arab countries, the Centre Point at Al Khuwair was not a displeasure at all. With less and counted brands like Splash, Lifestyle, and Babyshop, this definitely is a reasonable option on the budget. While we grabbed a quick meal and lots of shopping bags, we could not help but keep it on the list for the next time.

    • Safeer Mall, Sohar

The last day (but not the least), was mostly about packing the bags, hiring a car in Oman, and be on the way. Located at the Al Bata’a Street, it was our choice to stop for a meal. However, what my quick looks could grab was a spacious mall with several brand outlets, a multi-cuisine food court, coffee shops, and kid’s fun-land. It was all lit and bright.

From my road tour experience, I can safely highlight these malls as your (plus my) next shopping and fun destination. The additional attractive feature is the remarkable hospitality the Omanites have to offer. You can always spare and steal time and mood from the immense heat of the Arabian Peninsula and head straight to these AC-chilled malls with halal and incredible dining options and reasonable prices. Way to go!

Car Types That You can Rent in Oman

Top Rental Car Types in Oman

A trip to the magnificent city of Oman is something many individuals yearn for. However, when they’re picking a perfect ride is something numerous wretchedly fall short at. The trend of renting a car in Oman is very common and thus it is easier to find companies here that provide these services. Any car rental organization in Oman will give you a wide range of cars from Economy to Luxury so that you can pick the one that you associate with. In the midst of such an enormous decision, one contemplates as to which car is the best fit for an ideal ride in Oman. The answer isn’t as troublesome as it seems. To help, we have assembled a list of cars that will suit your financial plan and needs are perfect for renting in Oman.

Luxury Cars in Oman

In case you’re searching for a bewitching car with a royal class, style in itself and a brand name, at such point picking any Luxury car should do the trick for you. Let us be honest, we all love flaunting an up-to-date luxury ride that can have the heads turning while you are on the roads.

It is said that if you do not stop to look back at your car after you have parked it, you have got the wrong one, to begin with.

Renting a luxury car in Oman is a cakewalk as various online car rental companies offer you the chance to book the car of your choice from the comforts of your home on day by day, week by week and even month to month basis.

Compact Cars

Going by the definition given in Wikipedia, a characterization of autos bigger than a subcompact car but smaller than an average sized car is what basically portrays a Compact auto. In any case, never neglect the basic decency of the minimal car. In the event that you need a family auto that is sensibly measured, open and proficient, at that point, any minimized car could be your planned ride.

You can rent a used car in Oman from RTA approved merchants or online rental companies that give you the freedom to have a deal on the cost with the agent that you are dealing with.


In case that you are arranging a trek to the field with your whole family than renting an SUV in Oman is the best choice. The SUV is known for its raised ground freedom, toughness, and strength permitting you to travel in troublesome and distant landscapes while the whole family sits comfortably inside. These cars are most suited for the individuals who love to take the nature head-on. So get cozy with nature and feel its energy by employing an SUV car in Oman.

Sedan Cars

If you want to travel throughout Oman while not compromising on your comfort or the budget for the matter then what you are looking for is a sedan.

You’ll be astounded by the mind-boggling range Sedans are available in. From little to average size to huge ones, there’s one for everyone! It’s profoundly likely that your first experience of an auto will be Sedan on the off chance that you require no grounding.

Sports cars

We all love the feeling of speed, class, and power that comes with driving a sports car. So, while you are in Oman living a dream vacation why not fulfill the lifelong dream of driving a sports car as well. With the many rental companies operating here, finding yourself the sports car of your dreams will not be an issue at all. Be it an open-topped car or one that slings low to the ground, you can find them all here. Oman allows you to fulfill all the adventures that you had ever planned on living in Oman and these sports rental cars are just one way of making that possible.

These are however the basic categories of the cars that can be further divided into various subdivisions. Before you rent a car in Oman, make sure that you have done your research and are fully prepared to rent the car of your dream here.

Beware of Hidden Costs When Renting a Car in Oman

How to Avoid Hidden Charges when Renting a car In Oman

If you are planning on to visit Oman or want to explore this beautiful yet modern city then you might need to hire rental cars in Oman. Renting a car in Oman becomes a necessity when you realize the hurdles of public transport and expenses of private taxis. So it is always better to rent a car in Oman to make your visit more comforting and convenient.

Hiring a car in Oman with Careeder is always convenient but there are other concerning things that you need to consider while renting a car in Oman to avoid any unnecessary and additional costs. Most of the time people don’t consider it important enough to do a little research but to be honest, a little research and spending some time on these things can surely save you from a lot of trouble and it can also save you some good money. Rental car rates are not same everywhere and the company’s policies and packages also differ a lot so it is always important for you to know what you should do and what you should not to avoid any troubles and additional costs.

Beware of the hidden costs when renting a car in Oman. Here are few tips that will help you save some money while renting a car in Oman.

Different Fuel Policies:
You might have to choose from different fuel policies when renting a car in Oman. Pre-purchase policy, full fuel policy, free tank policy and full empty policy are few of the fuel policies different rental car companies offer.

Getting billed for fuel even before you take your rental car is surely not something you want so many companies to offer “Full empty” fuel policy. This means you can pay for full fuel tank and return the car when it’s empty. Always try to search for a firm who will let you return the rented car with the same amount of fuel it had before as it is the most feasible option to save you some money.

Early Return Charges:
Returning a rental car late and getting fined or paying additional charges is common but there are some companies who also charge you with early return charges. It means if you have to return the rental car a little earlier than the date which was written on the contract, you might have to pay fine and additional charges for not following the contract and you will be billed for early return charges.

To avoid these early return charges, you should ask the company if there are any such charges or contact the company and inform them about your early arrival to avoid any unnecessary troubles or charges.

Charges for Additional Driver:
It is important for you to know that most of the companies take additional charges for registering an additional driver with the rented car. Well, as per the policies of most companies, only an authorized and registered driver can drive a rental car and if you want to register an additional driver with you, you will have to pay more for that.

In order to avoid this scenario, do try to look for a company who doesn’t charge for additional drivers or if they have a policy of free additional driver within the family. Also, try not to register more than two drivers to avoid charges for additional drivers.

Car rental equipment charges:
You might want to get cheapest rental cars in Oman but one thing that you should pay attention to is the car rental equipment charges because the additional equipment with the car will be added to your bills. You will be charged if you take GPS with the rental car, Wifi or child seats. The solution to this is you can use the GPS of your smartphone and don’t add additional equipment in the car if you don’t need them.

Pre-existing damages:
Always check and inspect the rental car for pre-existing damages to avoid any troubles or additional charges. You might consider taking pictures of any pre-existing damages or dents to later dispute any additional charges for rental car damage.

It is always better to check the report of the rental car prior to hiring a car in Oman and ask all the questions that come to your mind to save yourself from troubles and additional costs.

Monthly Car Rentals – Reducing Costs

How To Reduce Car Rental Cost?

For people planning their vacations in countries abroad, the major expenses generally considered are airfare and accommodation charges. Very few people factor in the costs of roaming about the city in a vehicle of their choice. This lack of foresight sometimes lands them into position in which they end up paying more where they could have paid less. Especially for tourists having extended stay or business people having long engagements, hiring monthly rental car is a wise and budget-friendly idea.

Monthly car rental plans are considered a viable option for different groups of people with different needs. It is not just the tourist group who finds these deals valuable. People from the military transitioning between cities, people on the temporary yet long-term work assignment and consultants on monthly commitments often find hiring monthly car rental plans more cost effective.

A lot of options to choose from

There are a number of car rental services that offer a variety of options to choose from. Their plans are for individuals as well as corporate clients and for different durations. A quick cost analysis shows that costs do not multiply as you increase the tenure of services. The most expensive deal is to get a car rental for daily basis. However, the costs dramatically drop as you opt for the monthly rental car plan. This is one big incentive for hiring a monthly rental car instead of daily or weekly plan. Moreover, monthly plans save you from the hustle and bustle of going through the process of selecting vendor again and again.

The car rental plans differ hugely in costs between different rental companies. A lot of factors affect the total monthly car rental package. While selecting one, it is important that you make note of your travel needs, intended duration of stay and your available funds.

If you do some homework before actually deciding the car rental company, you will be able to save some funds and use them instead on more worth-it avenues: shopping, site seeing, food and deserts, all of which Oman is famous for. So here are some of our suggestions if you want to reduce costs while hiring monthly rental car.

    • It is always wise to search for a reliable car service provider in online car rental services directories. The directories are a better source for finding an authentic service provider.
    • If you wisely manage your rental plans, you will be able to reap rewards if you join their customer loyalty programs. You can also keep an eye on special or festive discounts. The savings offered through these programs provide huge savings. This not only saves costs but also makes hiring monthly rental car a smooth sailing.
    • Keep monitoring the various car rental portals that compare and suggest the cheapest available cars on desired dates. They often offer very lucrative deals in terms of costs and are reliable too.
    • Sometimes local car rental services providers offer less costly deals as compared to the big brands in the industry.
    • There is a variety of coupons and promo codes available on online car rental portals and their social media pages.

So if you are planning to visit Oman and are worrying about an ideal vehicle, we at Careedar – Rental Cars Oman will take care of your car rental needs in an optimum way. From the choice of vehicle to offering you the best rates, we have it all covered. Our range of fleet includes latest models from hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, pickups and vans. This way, we cater to different needs and tastes of families as well as solo travelers and business professionals. We keep on offering different deals on a regular basis, with features like free delivery, free cancellation and 24 hours support services. We bet that hiring monthly rental car with us will save you time and costs both, and you will choose us again for the quality of service we provide!

5 Valuable Things to Know When Renting a Car

Things You Must Know  Before Renting a Car

Hiring a car in Oman is always a better option instead of taking taxis and public transport as it is tiring and time-consuming in this fast city. Hire cheapest rental cars from a reputed company like Careeder as they provide the best rental cars in Oman. Their quality and fast service will make your visit to Oman more comforting. If you are new to renting cars then you must know few valuable things while renting a car to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

You can enjoy the rental car service without piling up unnecessary charges and dues. With proper knowledge and information about renting of cars, you can save a lot of your time and money. Read the policies carefully, ask questions and do research before hiring a car in Oman to make sure you are getting your desired and best rental car service in Oman as per your requirements.

Here is a list of 5 valuable things you should know when renting a car.

Use a credit card when renting a car:

You can get the best rental cars in Oman from Careeder- Car Rentals Oman but always make sure that you use your credit card while renting a car. You can also use your debit card for this purpose but sometimes companies do check the credits in your account to know that you are able to pay the charges for a rental car and other services. Using a credit card for rental car service might also provide you insurance policy, as well as many credit card companies, offer this policy. Sometimes, rental companies can put a hold on some charges and funds until you return the car. Also, a pre-paid credit card might not be a good option for hiring a car in Oman as many companies do not accept it.

A number of Drivers & age limit:

If you are going to visit Oman with family or friends to spend vacations then you should consider renting a car for monthly basis. You can hire monthly rental car from a reputed company but do keep the number of drivers that you register with the company to a limit. Yeah, it’s okay and understandable if you want someone else besides you to have the permission of driving the rental car but keep in mind that more registered drivers will cost you more money and you will have to pay more. Also, drivers who are under 25 are also subject to young driver bills and getting a registered driver under the age of 25 will add some additional bills to the rental car service. It doesn’t matter if you are a good driver, you will have to pay some extra money as long as you are under 25 or on the list of extra drivers.

Drive carefully and on Paved Roads:

Believe me, you don’t want to cause any damage to the rental cars as it can bring so many troubles for you so DRIVE CAREFULLY. Also, most of the rental car companies don’t want their cars to be taken off the road as it can damage the car. Always try to stay on the paved roads as driving off-road might be a violation of your agreement to car rental company. If you end up causing any damage while driving off-road, you will surely have to pay some extra bills for your adventures and rash driving.

Return the car with full tank:

Most of the rental car companies ask that you return the car with a full tank. In case you don’t, you will have to pay some additional charges for the unfilled fuel tank. Refuel charges at rental car companies are way more than the standard price of the fuel at local gas stations so always spare few minutes to fill up the tank before returning the car. It will save you some extra money and you won’t be charged for refuel fee.

Renting a car at the airport:

You can directly rent a car from Oman airport with Careeder- Car Rentals Oman as they provide best rental car service in this regard but rental car companies have to pay for the airport fee as well that will be charged to your account. So try not to rent a car from the airport as it can cost you some additional money with airport surcharge fee.

So, make sure that you not only pick the right company but do your research as well before proceeding to avoid any delays or hassle.

Is it Better to Reserve a Rental Car Way in Advance?

Benefits Of Rent a Car in Advance

Hiring a car in Oman is always confusing with so many concerns about which company offers a better package and where should you look for the best rental cars in Oman? There are a number of rental car companies competing with each other and they tend to provide the best rental car service in Oman to their customers. Looking for the best rental car company and choosing the best services for your travelling needs is much convenient with Careeder-Car Rentals Oman as they provide the best and cheapest rental car services in Oman in this regard.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of booking a rental car in advance to help you decide why it is a better option for you.

Save Money with Better Rates:

You can always look for better rates and packages to hire a car in Oman when you tend to reserve a rental car way in advance. You will have time to surf the internet and to compare packages and deals in order to get the best rental cars in Oman. You can save a good amount of money with a better deal and compare the different packages will surely help you in getting a perfect package for rental car service. Many rental companies often give discounts with pre-bookings and these discount offers will surely save you some money. So booking a rental car service way in the advance land you a better package and deal which usually saves you a lot of money, therefore, it is always better to reserve a rental car in advance.

Get the car you want:

This is another benefit of hiring a car in advance because you can choose your desired car with a lot of options on your plate. When you don’t do the advance booking and go for hiring a car at last minute, you will have a limited number of options in terms of deals and available cars. In order to avoid that, it is always better to hire best rental cars in Oman way in advance. You can also hire a car on monthly basis in Oman with your desired car model and package. Also, when you are planning a visit with family or friends, you can choose the perfect car from the full range of available cars in a company while booking a rental car way in advance.

Change of plans:

Booking a car in advance is a problem when you are required to pay for the services with the booking and if there is a cancellation charge also. It means you can’t cancel your plan if there’s an emergency or you’ll lose your money. But that is not the case with Careeder as there are no such worries. Booking of the car in advance is free and you won’t be charged for any cancellation of bookings. You can also compare your options and change the deal or car rental package if you come across another perfect deal. Change of plans or cancellation of advance bookings won’t cost you anything which makes the advance booking of rental cars a better option for you.

One less thing to worry about:

No matter where are you travelling and how much time you got to finalize the things, it is always a good thing to take some stress out of your plate with one less thing to worry about. That is exactly the case with reserving a car in advance, one less thing to worry about and no last minute disappointments or troubles. Reserving a rental car in advance ensure that your plan and visit will start smoothly without any delay and unnecessary problems. Hire a car in advance and enjoy your visit to Oman to its fullest.

An important concern about renting a car in Oman is when you should reserve a rental car or is it better to reserve a rental car way in advance? Well, keeping in view the benefits that come with reserving a rental car in advance, the answer is yes. Reserving a rental car in advance saves you from the trouble of last-minute decisions and disappointments and you can also search and look for a better deal.

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Car Rentals

Questions that Maybe in Your Mind About Car Rental

There always are questions and confusions about something you don’t have a proper knowledge or idea about. That is why there are often proper FAQs (Frequently asked questions) sections and user manuals to provide customers with a quality experience and to cater their confusions. On the other hand, there are things about which you want to have a proper knowledge prior to using or experiencing that thing in actual. Same is the case with Car rental services as many people have confusions and insecurities about car rentals that need to be answered to help them understand the procedure and to make them choose the best available options for them while hiring a rental car in Oman.

Still, there might be few confusions and questions in your mind you need to clear first. So here’s a list of 5 frequently asked questions about car rentals.

Which Company Should I Choose for Car Rental?

Not all the rental car companies offer same packages and rental car services as there might be a significant difference in the costs and packages provided by different rental car companies. To start with, Careeder offers the best and cheapest rental cars in Oman with their quality services and packages. You might also want to consider the advice of your travel agent or local agent to help you with car rental companies and their offers. They can negotiate for the best rental car package on your behalf.

You should also check for the best rental cars in Oman by browsing online and compare the packages and services of different rental car companies to get an idea about the best one. Local rental car companies are often cheaper and they also tend to offer the best rental car services so you also need to give them a check to get the best rental car service for your travelling needs in Oman. You also need to consider the location and timing of your pickup to avoid any unnecessary troubles so keeping in view all of these issues, my money is on Careeder for the best rental cars in Oman as you can hire a car directly from Oman Airport.

Advance Booking or Last Minute Booking?

The availability and rates of many rental car companies vary with time and they can go up at any last minute. There is also an issue of availability at last minute so booking a rental car in advance is much better than hiring a rental car in Oman at last minute. Booking in advance will surely save you some money and you can choose the package and car of your choice. Also, it is always better to relieve some stress in advance instead of going for last minute calls and disappointments.

What about Range and Car Classes?

There is a range of cars and car classes offer by different rental car companies. There are vehicle classes starting from simple and cheap cars to the luxury ones with higher cost and service charges. Car classes can vary from company to company so you better check the vehicle of your requirement while going to rent a car. Compare the packages and check for the best rental cars in Oman as per your need and requirement.

What about Duplicate reservation?

Well, many rental car companies don’t charge for advance reservations and cancellations so you might want to have a backup option by making a duplicate reservation but this is not a good practice. Making duplicate reservations and playing one car rental company over other is selfishness and it is not good for the car rental companies. If you know your requirements, check the packages and deals for a rental car company and select the best available option for yourself in advance to avoid any troubles.

Do I need insurance for the rental car?

Driving any car without insurance could be a disaster for you if you end up damaging the rental car or if anything happens to the car in your possession. Rental car companies won’t hesitate to even ask you for the full price of the car if you are responsible so you should always take insurance for your rental car to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

If you are in need of a rental car and want to hire best rental cars in Oman then Careeder is the most reliable and convenient option for you as they offer the best rental car services and packages.

Things You Should not Do When Returning a Rental Car

Avoid Things While Returning a Rental Car

Hiring and renting a car is something that is usually similar everywhere and it is a common practice and business around the world. It is a good thing if you are familiar with renting of cars and have a pretty good idea how it works but it could be really confusing when you go out for a visit in another country or city and want to rent a car for the first time.

Hiring a car in Oman is very convenient with Careeder – Car rentals Oman as they provide the best and cheapest rental cars in Oman. Their 24/7 customer support service assist you with everything throughout your way to provide you with the quality and fast service. But there are other things you should have a knowledge about when returning a car to avoid any mishaps or unnecessary troubles.

Here are few important things that you should not do when returning a car as it will help you make your experience of renting cars even better.

Never be late:

Most of the times, the time limit provided by the rental companies are very short and the grace period for late returns is not very long. It means after the return time and grace period is passed, you will be charged hourly for the late return or you might have to pay for a full day if you are late. That totally depends on the company’s late return policy that you should know prior to hiring a car in Oman or anywhere else. So make sure that you are never late when returning a car to avoid any troubles.

Do not forget to fill up gas tank:

You can rent a car in Oman directly from Oman airport with Careeder-Car rentals Oman offers fast and quality service in this regard but there is something you should keep in mind while renting a car. If you don’t want to pay for the full tank while picking up a car then don’t forget to fill up the gas tank and lookup for a gas station in advance to save your time and money. Ask for the receipt while refuelling of the car because some rental companies ask for it on returning to the car.

Do not return the car early:

It might sound a little confusing to you but returning a car early can also cost you more in some cases. You can be charged for an early return or the pricing can also be changed altogether. For example, if you want to hire a car on monthly basis then you don’t have to return it in 20 days as it will be more expensive for you.

Do not forget to check the car:

If you are in a hurry or late to catch your flight then there are fair chances that you might forget something in the car when returning it. Never forget to check the car, dashboard, seats, and everything inside it for your personal belongings and make sure you don’t forget anything in the car. In addition to this, check for any electronic devices or cables that belong to you.

Do not forget to inspect the car:

While returning the car, do not forget to inspect the car to make sure there are not any issues with it. Ask for the attendant to inspect the car with you and get confirmation that there is no issue with the car to avoid any trouble later on. In case you are leaving a car at a station which is unstaffed, do take pictures of the car from different angles to document the good condition of the car on returning of it.

Do not forget to take receipt:

Never forget to ask for a receipt when returning a car to avoid any dispute later. Always get a receipt when you hire a car and when you are returning it. It will help you to dispute any charges that are not unauthorized and fair.

Use a right credit card:

To get the cheapest rental cars in Oman, if you are using credit card rental insurance then do not forget to use the right and same credit card to pay any remaining bill or charges.

With these steps, you will ensure that the whole returning process goes on smoothly and doesn’t cause any unnecessary troubles for you.