Things You Should not Do When Returning a Rental Car

Avoid Things While Returning a Rental Car

Hiring and renting a car is something that is usually similar everywhere and it is a common practice and business around the world. It is a good thing if you are familiar with renting of cars and have a pretty good idea how it works but it could be really confusing when you go out for a visit in another country or city and want to rent a car for the first time.

Hiring a car in Oman is very convenient with Careeder – Car rentals Oman as they provide the best and cheapest rental cars in Oman. Their 24/7 customer support service assist you with everything throughout your way to provide you with the quality and fast service. But there are other things you should have a knowledge about when returning a car to avoid any mishaps or unnecessary troubles.

Here are few important things that you should not do when returning a car as it will help you make your experience of renting cars even better.

Never be late:

Most of the times, the time limit provided by the rental companies are very short and the grace period for late returns is not very long. It means after the return time and grace period is passed, you will be charged hourly for the late return or you might have to pay for a full day if you are late. That totally depends on the company’s late return policy that you should know prior to hiring a car in Oman or anywhere else. So make sure that you are never late when returning a car to avoid any troubles.

Do not forget to fill up gas tank:

You can rent a car in Oman directly from Oman airport with Careeder-Car rentals Oman offers fast and quality service in this regard but there is something you should keep in mind while renting a car. If you don’t want to pay for the full tank while picking up a car then don’t forget to fill up the gas tank and lookup for a gas station in advance to save your time and money. Ask for the receipt while refuelling of the car because some rental companies ask for it on returning to the car.

Do not return the car early:

It might sound a little confusing to you but returning a car early can also cost you more in some cases. You can be charged for an early return or the pricing can also be changed altogether. For example, if you want to hire a car on monthly basis then you don’t have to return it in 20 days as it will be more expensive for you.

Do not forget to check the car:

If you are in a hurry or late to catch your flight then there are fair chances that you might forget something in the car when returning it. Never forget to check the car, dashboard, seats, and everything inside it for your personal belongings and make sure you don’t forget anything in the car. In addition to this, check for any electronic devices or cables that belong to you.

Do not forget to inspect the car:

While returning the car, do not forget to inspect the car to make sure there are not any issues with it. Ask for the attendant to inspect the car with you and get confirmation that there is no issue with the car to avoid any trouble later on. In case you are leaving a car at a station which is unstaffed, do take pictures of the car from different angles to document the good condition of the car on returning of it.

Do not forget to take receipt:

Never forget to ask for a receipt when returning a car to avoid any dispute later. Always get a receipt when you hire a car and when you are returning it. It will help you to dispute any charges that are not unauthorized and fair.

Use a right credit card:

To get the cheapest rental cars in Oman, if you are using credit card rental insurance then do not forget to use the right and same credit card to pay any remaining bill or charges.

With these steps, you will ensure that the whole returning process goes on smoothly and doesn’t cause any unnecessary troubles for you.