Top 5 Shopping Malls in Oman

Famous Shopping Malls in Oman

When touring the Arabian Peninsula, Oman does not go out of sight. With its desert filled terrain with occasional oasis and abundant coastlines, Oman has a lot to offer as tourist bait.

However, Oman showed up on my visiting list when my husband had a business tour up on his sleeves and I decided to tag along. We decided to hire a car from Dubai as stopping at the embassy for on-arrival visas and currency exchange was on the task list. Plus, with our eight-month-old daughter on board, I did not mind an extra helping hand. With my husband’s packed business schedule after I was dropped at the Ibis hotel in Muscat, I could not resist but search for the top shopping malls around to spend my day. Outdoors were too hot in July, and I did not want either of us (I and my daughter) to get sick. Here is a list of my experience which won’t disappoint you at all.

    • Muscat Grand Mall

Located in Dohat Al Adab Street, Muscat grand mall was nearest from my location. All I had to do was rent a car in Oman, tell the location and there I arrived safe, sound and happy with no hassle. This two-storied mall had a lot to offer. From 150 brand stores and service shops, an Arab souk, a huge food court with vast to-eat options, cinemas and a kid’s fun area with rides and games, everything was engaging and worth returning to. The best part was yet to come: the second floor offered an amazing view to the seas, something which came as an extra pleasure in this heat.

    • City Center, Seeb

This city center came up on my list as I moved away from the traditional Muscat (i) choice. It was no different than other city centers located in the UAE and Muscat itself. Swarmed with 160 international retail stores and 24 dining outlets, it had a lot to roam around, window shop (and buy), and keep busy. The Magic planet was like a cherry on the top as my daughter’s giggles and excitement knew no limit. However, with her on my hand, I could not visit the VOX cinemas which I am sure were nothing down the entertainment list.

    • Oman Avenues Mall

The location at Sultan Qaboos road claims the heart of the city, and it sure is it. The largest and most popular mall with its overwhelmingly vast shopping stores options (150 to be exact), a humungous food court, a cinema and the fun area Funtazmo, had visitors come in as bees. The gym and bowling area were an added attraction while I actually laid my hands on some of the bowling skills as my husband took care of the baby (a sigh of relief after a full busy working day). The aroma of the coffee lifting up the entire ambiance of the mall is sure not to be missed.

    • Centre Point

With locations in several Arab countries, the Centre Point at Al Khuwair was not a displeasure at all. With less and counted brands like Splash, Lifestyle, and Babyshop, this definitely is a reasonable option on the budget. While we grabbed a quick meal and lots of shopping bags, we could not help but keep it on the list for the next time.

    • Safeer Mall, Sohar

The last day (but not the least), was mostly about packing the bags, hiring a car in Oman, and be on the way. Located at the Al Bata’a Street, it was our choice to stop for a meal. However, what my quick looks could grab was a spacious mall with several brand outlets, a multi-cuisine food court, coffee shops, and kid’s fun-land. It was all lit and bright.

From my road tour experience, I can safely highlight these malls as your (plus my) next shopping and fun destination. The additional attractive feature is the remarkable hospitality the Omanites have to offer. You can always spare and steal time and mood from the immense heat of the Arabian Peninsula and head straight to these AC-chilled malls with halal and incredible dining options and reasonable prices. Way to go!