Are you Looking to Hire a Car for Family Tour

Hire a Car for Family Tour

Are you recently getting ready for a family vacation in Dubai? Is it the first time you are travelling with your family to Dubai? If this is the case, then yes it is quite difficult to hire a car in Dubai when you get to see a variety found in markets. What you first look for is whether it is comfortable and includes all that you need to make your trip a fun and memorable one. Each one of you may have different preferences and may choose a car that you find would best fit for the places you go to with your entire family. Firstly, you need to consider how many people would be travelling with you, for how long your road trip is going to be and lastly the locations you have set as your destinations. You also would want to listen to the recommendations of your family members. At the end of the day, you don’t want to feel disappointed hiring a car that is not within your budget and most importantly not liked by your family. Once you know all your needs and requirements, you are absolutely ready to go.

Everyone tends to be more practical when they want the perfect car for a family tour instead of looking at which manufactured cars they are from or what brand it is. One of the factors they look for is the interior space and capacity of seats available in the car. To satisfy the needs of your entire family, the first thing to look for when choosing one is whether you can fit everyone in your car. You would not want to share seats with anyone and make the entire trip more uncomfortable. Another point is that you would then look for how efficient it is in terms of the consumption of fuel. You wouldn’t want to waste your money on unnecessary consumption of fuel. And if you have kids, you would most importantly want a car with great safety features. You would definitely not take any risks in buying cheap cars with no safety features and result in serious accidents.

A small hatchback is famous in Dubai for families consisting of two to four members for an example. For families of more than three members, a midsize Sedan would be a nice choice. It is nice and spacious. Therefore considering the capacity of passengers in a car should be kept in mind before hiring a car in Dubai for a family tour. You want to carry your children on your lap and spoil the entire trip for you as well as your children. And since recently a law in UAE has been published where it says that it is mandatory to make your children who is four years of age and less be seated on baby car seats, it is important for you to check on the number of seats available in your car. You would not want to go against the law and get yourself from receiving receipts during your family tour. There are also other safety features that you would want in your car especially when travelling with children. To hire a car in Dubai for a family tour, you should always check with your car rental agency in Dubai to have safety features added in that are advanced in technology and easy to use. You do want a user-friendly car during your trip.

Another important factor is the consumption of fuel or diesel. If you are planning for a long family tour across the various destinations of Dubai and want to spend an amount that is within your budget and not so expensive, it is quite difficult to select a car that uses less fuel and will save your money. Fuel prices have been fluctuating in Dubai for the last couple of years and families with a minimum budget think of it as a huge factor to consider when looking for a car to hire for family tours.

For example in Dubai, the best option to buy is the hybrid cars. Also, the electronic cars are popularly known and used in Dubai. And the use of these electronic cars in Dubai gives a huge advantage to save your budget resulting from the high prices of fuel.

There are many other cars that are liked by the travellers in Dubai like Mitsubishi Mirage, Hyundai I10, CHEVROLET SPARK – BRAND NEW 2018, Toyota Yaris, Kia Cerato (Full Options) are frequently hired and used for long trips. But there are categories of cars to choose from that will help a traveller to make their decisions and their trip worthwhile. Among the categories are the hybrids cars, midsized and the luxury cars. To hire a car simply for a family tour, the midsized cars are the best option to select from.

Out of all the cars available at the car rental companies, the most liked ones are the midsized SUV Subaru and the midsized SUV Kia Sorento. If the person is looking for something spacious and functional then an SUV is the right one for their family tour in Dubai. This particular car is safe to drive on the roads of Dubai and handling is easy if you are hiring and driving one for the first time. This is also a friendly car and the most comfortable one for passengers up to four to five. When you are planning a long vacation with your family and kids, these midsized cars are available at a relatively lower price, which will definitely fall within your budget. Though this car is preferred for short trips, this is indeed an elegant choice loved by your family. An SUV is a great choice for a family tour especially in Dubai where you have so many destinations to visit and if the trips are longer in length. Many rental car agencies also provide cars on lease and on monthly basis in Dubai, So if you want Monthly rent a car in Dubai, you can easily fulfill your desire.

If you know all your requirement and needs before you plan your trip, by bearing in mind of your necessities any car rental agency in Dubai will be at your service helping you to pick and select the best car available for your family tour.

4 Things to Know Before you Visit Dubai

Before Visiting Dubai, YOu Must Know These Things

If you want to experience a country full of glamour, where you will be surprised to see and experience some extraordinary things like machines of gold bars and police vehicles that are not just any normal cars but are the latest models of name brand cars, then Dubai is the right place for you. Dubai is also said to be a city where you are welcomed with great hospitality. As people from all over the world believe Dubai to be the worlds best tourist spot, it is ensured that you are receiving world’s best treatment by the people living there. UAE never leaves anyone feels empty when they return back home. The feeling of staying a life of luxury, the services received, and the choices of activities to do will definitely make you want to go back and explore more.

With so many things to know about the glamorous city of joy, there are four things that you must know before you travel to Dubai:

Safety and Security

The United Arab Emirates is said to be the safest country and Dubai is one city where the laws are highly strict. There is absolutely zero percent criminal records. The city moreover has an excellent police force and under their supervision, no one dares to commit anything wrong. Even if it is a public place, on the streets or inside the hotels, tourists should be very careful in committing anything wrong and out of the rules and regulation. In Dubai, the women are abided from a different law that they need to follow. If you belong to a country where you have the liberty to be free and live the life you want, it is not the same here in Dubai. There are certain rules and regulation you have to follow.

Dubai’s Rich Culture

To begin with, it is mandatory for you to know about the rich culture and lifestyle of Dubai. If you want to know in depth about the history of the Islamic background, then Dubai is the right place for you. It is, in fact, a place that is contemporary, but at the same time to respect and honor the culture of the Muslims and their way of living, visitors coming from different parts of the world consider to behave well and choose to wear the right and appropriate clothes where necessary. Tourists should also know that the weather is hot almost all year round, swimming costume are allowed to be worn on the beaches and hotel swimming pools.

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For the culture of Dubai, an important and significant role is played by their religion. You will get to see the beautiful mosques at every corner of the city. You will also be mesmerized to hear the beautiful call to prayers known as Azaan. This is the time where everyone gathers around together to say special prayers.

Moreover, in a city like Dubai, alcoholic beverages are not offered at every restaurants or hotel. Only the restaurants and bars that are entitled can sell alcoholic drinks and beverages. If you want to celebrate your day with a drink, you should know from before the places where alcoholic beverages are available. You should also know that you would be strictly fined if you show a behavior that is not acceptable to be decent in public places.

It is also a culture with many festivities that are celebrated. Every tourist plans to visit Dubai during the month of Ramadan. During this month residents as well as tourists are not allowed to drink or eat anything in front of everyone in public places. However, they are only allowed to eat or drink at particular areas or inside of their own homes. During the month of Ramadan, you are also advised to wear decent clothes.

A Paradise

Thirdly, Dubai is a place of paradise. With so many activities to do, it makes it hard for the tourists to choose from. You will get to experience the different sorts of cuisine starting from Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and European to many more. The variety of food you can have is unbelievable and that too of great taste and quality. The most famous out of all the dishes are the falafel and camel meat. These are something to definitely try and not miss.

Dubai is just the right place if you want to experience a holiday that you would want to cherish forever from deep within your heart. With so many exciting tourist attractions, Dubai has been growing steadily and has turned to be the largest global city. Each year thousands of people from every corner of the world choose to come to Dubai because of all the activities it has to offer, whether it’s the landmarks, exhibitions, shopping or even the amazing nightlife.

The top places of Dubai to visit are the Palm Jumeirah Beach, Burj Khalifa, Atlantis Hotel, The Miracle Garden and of course the Desert Safari. There are certainly best car rentals in Dubai available to ease your trip. They provide 24*7 services to their customers, Visitors can also hire a car on the monthly or weekly basis in Dubai.

With so many activities to do, the best one is to take the Dubai Palm Cruise Tour. To experience the magnificent view of the Palm Jumeirah you should book the one-hour guided tour. During this time you can also get to see the manmade palm fronds as well as the five-star hotels. This is definitely something not to miss. Other than all of these The Ferrari theme park, which is the world’s largest indoor park is a place to go and see.

Manmade Beauty

Lastly, you will be startled to know about the things that are simply manmade and can be seen on the land of Dubai. Since Dubai isn’t lucky to have its own natural beauty, they were blessed to have these amazing ideas to make their own manmade environmental beauty. They have utilized their resources in the best way possible and created places that are incredible. Tourists from all over the world should know of the details of the fountains and islands that are all artificial. And with all these to know before you go to Dubai, it is guaranteed that you can make this trip of yours to be the best one.

10 Best Cars for Rent for Small Family

Cars for Rent for Small Family

When going on a family holiday we often forget the amount of travel we will be doing and rely on taxis and public transport due to lack of planning and no options. Booking a car in advance is a great way to save money on transport and have a more comfortable alternative to travel as a family. This also helps give you a safer mode of travel that is a huge boon if you have kids. Booking your own car is not only cheaper than taxis and public transport but also more comfortable. Entering the world of car renting can be daunting as there are many options and finding the rate, car and offer that suits you best is important. As a small family, there are cars that are best suited to your needs and a cheap car rental helps you save a lot of travel money. Here are a few options to look at if you are searching for a good deal.

  1. Volkswagen Golf Hatchback:

    The award-winning car from a trustworthy company is a great bet for anyone with kids as it has a spacious interior which allows children to sit comfortably. A boot with ample space also allows you to travel comfortably while carrying whatever you need without a lack of space being an issue. This car is also high on safety measures and is economical at the same time. This car has an average rental price of 250 AED per day and you can get it cheaper if you book for a longer period of time.

  2. Mazda 3 Hatchback:

    This model has a great interior that gives you a lot of space and is also cheap car rental option for you. It is a sleek car that has been on the road for a while and is trusted by many. You can rent this model at an average cost of 100 AED per day and it can go down to as low as 2100 AED a month if you book in advance.

  3. Ford-B-Max:

    This is a relatively new model and has a smaller build. It has a lot of space and has multiple safety measures such as airbags, emergency brake assistance and more. Airbags for side, knee and curtain provide parents with much needed safety for their children and themselves. The engine is cheap to run and it is an overall good car to take with you on tourist attraction visits.

  4. Skoda Octavia:

    This is a not exactly a fun car but it is within budget and has some great features. It also has a lot of rear space and has also scored 4 stars on the NCAP safety test. The safety measures depend on the model you go for but it is a great car. The price is very similar to the Mazda 3 Hatchback and is around 1950 AED a month.

  5. Audi A3 Sportback:

    If you have a good budget and a taste for the good life and speed. The Audi A3 Sportback is a great car for families that want to move fast and in style. It has a lot of storage space and is sleek to look at. It has a fiver star score in regard to the Euro NCAP. Safety and space is not all it offers as it has a boot that can fit all your shopping bags and suitcases no matter where you are going.

  6. Ford Focus:

    The Ford Focus is a classic that can be trusted and needs no introduction. It is a classy looking car and has high quality materials and good safety measures such as airbags. The maintenance cost is also good as range of options such as diesel and petrol are offered. Performance on the road is above average and it can fit a family comfortably. The Ford Focus has been on the road since 1998 and has been trusted ever since. The engine is powerful and it has a durable interior. It also has extremely high ratings from previous users.

  7. Nissan Leaf:

    This is an electric alternative and can fit everyone in comfortably. It is a recent addition to the market and has an eight hour charging time. It is a cute car for a small family and an environmentally friendly travel agent. The car can comfortably fit five people and has a 147 horsepower. It is the world’s best selling electric car and has a range of features to make your journey more comfortable. Emergency braking and ProPilot Assist makes your travel safe.

  8. Opel Meriva:

    The model that puts a lot of other to shame with its excellent design, the Opel Meriva makes fitting a child inside a car much easier than before. The interior of the car is solid as well and kids playing around behind should not be an issue. It has a five star safety rating and multiple features such as three seatbelts in the rear and collapsible steering column.

  9. Volvo V40:

    The Volvo has some great engines available and is also low on cost which makes running the car far more economical. It is also an incredibly good looking car that is spacious as well. It scored 98% for adult occupant protection and has similar impressive scores to its name. The Euro NCAP tests for the Volvo V40 are consistently pleasing and it lives up to its good name. It is designed for the city and has a great cabin experience to look forward to.

  10. Hyundai i30 Hatchback:

    The Hyundai with its sexy look and interior with great material is definitely easy on the eyes. It offers storage and space for your kids. You can fit just about anything in the boot of the car and the material of the car is extremely comfortable while being ready for your kids. It’s on-road performance is impressive to say the least and it has a five-star safety rating giving you additional assurance. It is refined and impressive for any purpose.

Reasons to hire Shift Car Rental in Dubai, UAE

Anyone who is passionate about traveling and you ask them the list of destinations they want to travel around the globe United Arab Emirates will be on the list! Dubai due to its picturesque beauty, innovative infrastructure, and rich history is a dream destination for every one of us. Sketching your journey through the novel deserts of Dubai, the priority is to pick where you want to ‘land.’ The shift Car Rental is the ultimate option when it comes to renting or leasing a car. For offering customized and personalized top of the line solutions, they are incredibly innovative.

Driving the latest model on high-ways of UAE is great fun. Enjoy a real beauty of deserts here while driving cars. These are entirely maintained vehicles as per the modern needs. Car Leasing Dubai is the right option for you to make your driving experience memorable with them. They are popular for quality as well as clean and clear dealings.

Easy To Access

They are always at your service, and they are at your access very easily. You will find them just a click away all the time. Due to their expert customer services staff, clients can avail their services anytime. Customers can go for online booking as well.

Why Shift Car Rental?

If you are going out of the station in Dubai, then you must consult with rent a car Dubai. They offer expert, dependable and reliable rental services to meet the transportation needs of residents, visitors and other corporate customers. For supplying the extraordinary car rental services for the convenience of the clients, they are popular in the whole area. For serving customers with a high ride, they are exclusive. In the entire country, they attract their clients with their quality. Affordability is the major feature of the company. Customers can avail VIP ride in attractive prices.

  1. Extraordinary Fleet of Cars:

They are famous for providing the secure and safe car ride as well. They are extremely concerned to deliver the protective transportation for the comfort of the clients. They have a broad range of the cars in their fleet that is upgraded as per the new technology. They are expert in updating their fleet and keep their cars in proper working order. They know how to furnish their cars for the customers with an attractive appearance. They are known for the maximum level of live customer services, and it is the guarantee that you can get the real delight of the ride professionally.

  1. Exclusive Airport Pick & Drop Service

Hiring a taxi or driving a car after a long flight, is extremely tiring. On the airport, if a chauffeur is waiting for you is extremely comfortable and administration. For airport pick and drop, they are available 24/7. Customers can access them on They are famous for their innovative and dynamic services. They are well-known car rental service providers. The popular association has been serving with outclass transportation for a long time. They have entered into the business to give a remarkable quality.

  1. Offering Class

It promises to provide class and style to their customers. Enjoy the royal ride in the company of the professional cab services with class and style. They will be on time and give you an exclusive service of pick and drop at your doorstep. Getting relaxed while sitting in the car in the peaceful environment is the mission of the administration.

  1. Trained and Professional Drivers

It is the compulsion from the company that all the appointed drivers should have clean driving record as well as licensed. Containing the courteous and hospitable staff for your service is the elegant feature of the company. You do not need to be worried about your luggage; they will take care of it and handle all the stress of adjusting it safely.

  1. Cars Junction

You may need to visit other states of UAE. Renting a car from her is the right option because it can be called a junction of numerous vehicles. At Shift Car Rental, clients have wide choice to choose a variety of vehicles. Your favorite model is available every time with a flexible schedule. All the vehicles in the fleet are up-to-date all the time. These are well –equipped with modern technology and accessories including CD player, sunroof, LED screen and much more. It makes your ride more comfortable.

Comfort is the first requirement of the journey that can make your trip hassle-free. For long journey always take your accessories with you. The comfy and cozy vehicles will save from any uncomfortable situation. Be careful while selecting your car, if you are driving on your own. You may choose your ideal model. Do not feel shy to demand the latest model because it provides real delight of the ride.

Reasons to Choose Advantage Car Rental in Dubai, UAE

Are you interested to have a tour in Dubai and are familiar with the important places, point to visit and roads? Do not bother because the Advantage Car Rental is the ultimate solution to resolve the issue. They will give you an authentic ground transportation service. You can book their airport pick and drop service online from any place of the world. Their modern vehicles are up-to-date as per the modern needs. For the comfort of the clients, they offer their car rental services at the competitive prices. Customers can enjoy their ride with incredible convenience to each corner of the city. Clients can take a car for rent along with drivers.

About Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. For serving more than fourteen million passengers and variety of flights it is a famous airport. It is a destination where forty-nine international and domestic airlines fly out and in. LED display is there outside the lounges that display the updates of flights for arrival and departure.

How to visit Dubai?

It is very easy for tourists because of the reliable Rent a Car Dubai services that you can avail from Dubai Airport. It is known for the dependable services of the ground transportation. You will find complete delight and the true amusement of the travelling when you are coming for vacation or returning to your hotel. Take a car on rent for visiting the entire city because they are familiar with the area. They are extremely professional in their services. Their proficient staff knows the worth of your time. Due to this reason, they will never waste your time and will be on time at your service.

  • Special Airport Service

It seems very difficult to search for the conveyance right after coming out after a long flight. This rent a car company is very helpful for passengers because you can have booked online before arrival. A uniformed chauffeur will take responsibility for your luggage.

They are popular in the world of rental ground transportation for their innovative Airport services. They provide an expert pick and drop. The proficient staff of the company is well-aware of the fact that how much is your time precious to you. They provide you on-time service by getting the information of your flight. They will handle your luggage and keep it safe.

  • Up-to-date fleet

You will enjoy a memorable experience of travelling after coming out Dubai Airport. The staff is highly cooperative.  The fleet contains the latest models of cars. Seating arrangements are highly wonderful and comfortable for the passengers who are waiting for their flights or coming out of the long flight. A uniformed chauffeur will receive you and will handle the luggage as well.

  • Online Booking Facility

For securing yourself from hassle, always book a car online at There are several services offered by the car hire administration for the convenience and according to the needs of the clients. You can avail these services for the city tour, airport pick and drop, point to point service and much more as per the requirement. You can avail the dynamic service for catching the flight in no time. They will be at your doorstep for providing you complete relaxation regarding travelling. The Airport pick and drop service is sure to provide your stress-free ground transportation for finishing your tasks.

  • Car hiring Dubai Airport

If you have forgotten to book car or you are new to the area then do not panic. The Advantage Car Rental is there to help you in many ways. Its charges are very reasonable and are different from a different location. The most important feature of these car rental services is that these are highly economical. You can avail VIP protocol and services at very affordable prices. They will provide you and your corporate executives with incredible care and make them completely satisfied with their services.

  • Car Rental Service

The car rental service offers complete convenience and comfort. Add style to your comfort and enjoy a wonderful ride to your destination. You can enjoy this option during your entire stay in Dubai. This is a great option for the cool nights when you need to travel and it is very difficult to hail a taxi. Obviously, taxis are not available at that time. Do not panic and make your journey a nice experience. They guarantee you that you will discover each ride out of this world. You will get an incredible peaceful drive with the element of convenience. It will be a great option for you.

Instead of believing in the myths created by the unaware people, visit and explore the place yourself. Instead of forming misconceptions about something, take a look at these factors concerning one of the most beautiful places on this earth.